Brott Music Festival celebrates 25 years of song

Boris Brott speaks about the magical milestone and how the city of Hamilton keeps music alive.
Brott Music Festival 1:40

Legendary conductor Boris Brott has lived in Hamilton for more than 40 years, and says the city is a remarkable place to be a musican.

"People truly make an effort to support the arts in this city," he said.

This summer, the Brott Music festival celebrates 25 years of teaching young people to play classical music.

During the festival, young professionals play alongside seasoned veterans from some of Canada's biggest orchestras, and learn how to sharpen their business skills as well as learning sonatas.

"We've helped about 1,500 players over the last 24 years get into the profession and go from school into actually earn a living doing what they love to do," Brott said.

He said the festival is the only one of its kind in this country with a full time professional orchestra there to help guide young people.

Burgeoning classical musicians play a mix of orchestral music and chamber music, alongside jazz and pop tunes.

"This is really the only opportunity for professional musicians who have finished their education to work in a mentor - apprentice situation under professional conditions.