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Here's who's running in Hamilton's municipal election - and who's already won

One council candidate changed where he's running at the last minute. One is a former councillor and cabinet minister who wants back in the game. And Hamilton's longest-serving politicians appear to have been acclaimed.

One of Hamilton's longest-serving politicians, Patrick Daly, has apparently been acclaimed

Pat Daly has served on the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board since 1985, and appears to have been acclaimed for another term. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Note: This story will be updated on an ongoing basis as the list of candidates changes.

One council candidate changed where he's running at the last minute. One is a former councillor and cabinet minister who wants back in the game. And Hamilton's longest-serving politicians appear to have been acclaimed.

All of this happened in the last two days of municipal election nominations, which ended Friday.

Cam Galindo, a high-profile Ward 9 council candidate, switched to run to be a Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board trustee. Brad Clark, former Ward 9 councillor and PC cabinet minister, has put his name in to run in his old ward again.

And Pat Daly, chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, has no challengers to be a trustee again. He's held the seat since 1985. That's when his father Patrick Sr., who was serving in the role, died suddenly, and Daly applied to serve in his stead.

Daly said he never takes an election for granted. And the job never gets old for him.

Cam Galindo started off running for council, but reconsidered and is now running for the school board. (Cam Galindo)

"I've always felt blessed, and there are different challenges and opportunities every year," said Daly, who's been chair since 1991. "So I never get tired of it."

Ray Mulholland was also apparently acclaimed for Ward 4 in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Mulholland was first elected in 1971.

"I've run in 14 elections," he said. "It's nice to be acclaimed.

"I'm hoping the reason is that people are pleased with what I'm doing, building relationships. You're either acclaimed because there's no interest, or you're acclaimed because people think you're doing a good job. I hope people think I'm doing a good job in the community."

Mulholland says never tires of being on the school board. "I went into a board meeting with a burning passion for education and that passion still is there today."

As for Galindo, he said Clark filing his nomination papers Thursday had no bearing on his decision to switch his candidacy.

"It's been something I've been formulating for the last two weeks," he said. "It doesn't change much from our end in terms of how we're going to campaign."

Galindo will run against Wayne Marston, a former Hamilton East-Stoney Creek NDP MP who lost his seat to a Liberal in 2015.

Three other Catholic school board trustees appeared to be acclaimed Friday — Mark Valvasori (Wards 1, 2 and 15), Anthony Perri (Wards 3 and 4) and Mary Nardini (Ward 10). 

Wayne Marston, a former MP, is running for the public school board. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Dawn Danko, a Ward 7 public school board trustee, also had no challengers. 

Otherwise, it's a crowded heat. This is particularly true in Wards 1, 3, 7 and 11, which are wards without incumbents.

Here's who's running in the Oct. 22 election:


  • Jim Davis.
  • Fred Eisenberger (incumbent).
  • Paul Fromm.
  • Henry Geissler.
  • Carlos Gomes.
  • Edward Graydon.
  • Todd May.
  • Michael Pattison.
  • George Rusich.
  • Phil Ryerson.
  • Ute Schmid-Jones.
  • Vito Sgro.
  • Ricky Tavares.
  • Mark Wozny.
  • Nathalie Xian Yi Yan.
There are 15 candidates for mayor, including incumbent Fred Eisenberger. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Ward 1​

Incumbent Aidan Johnson is not running. He's taken a job with the Niagara Community Legal Clinic.

  • Jason Allen.
  • Sharon Anderson.
  • Syed Bakht.
  • Sharon Cole.
  • Ela Eroglu.
  • Jordan Geertsma.
  • Sophie Geffros.
  • Carol Lazich.
  • Richard Massie.
  • Lyla Miklos.
  • Linda Narducci.
  • Harrison White.
  • Maureen Wilson.

Ward 2

  • Diane Chiarelli.
  • Suresh Venodh Daljeet.
  • Jason Farr (incumbent).
  • Cameron Kroetsch.
  • Nicole Smith.
  • Mark Tennant.
  • James Unsworth.
  • John Vail.

Ward 3

Incumbent Matthew Green is not running. He plans to pursue the federal NDP nomination for Hamilton Centre.

  • Milena Balta.
  • Keith Beck.
  • Alain Bureau.
  • Steven Paul Denault.
  • Laura Farr.
  • Brendan Kavanaugh.
  • Nenad Kuruc.
  • Tony Lemma.
  • Nrinder Nann.
  • Stephen Rowe.
  • Amanda Salonen.
  • Kristeen Sprague.
  • Dan Smith.
Matthew Green isn't running again, and 13 candidates want his old job. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Ward 4

  • Rod Douglas.
  • Sam Merulla (incumbent).

Ward 5

  • Chad Collins (incumbent).
  • Stewart Klazinga.
  • Juanita Maldonado.

Ward 6

  • Tom Jackson (incumbent).
  • Timothy Taylor.
  • Brad Young.

Ward 7

Incumbent Donna Skelly is not running. She is now an MPP for Flamborough-Glanbrook.

  • Steve Benson.
  • Steve Clarke.
  • Kristopher Clowater.
  • Adam Dirani.
  • Karen Grice-Uggenti.
  • Joseph Kazubek.
  • Dan MacIntyre. 
  • Jim McColl.​
  • Geraldine McMullen.
  • Esther Pauls.
  • Roland Schneider.

Ward 8

This ward has no incumbent. Terry Whitehead represented the old Ward 8, but ward boundaries have been redrawn. Now he's running in Ward 14, which encompasses part of the old Ward 8. 

  • Eve Adams.
  • Christopher Climie. 
  • John-Paul Danko.
  • Steve Ruddick.
  • Anthony Simpson.
  • Colleen Wicken.

Ward 9

Doug Conley is the incumbent. He's served for one term. Before that, Clark held the seat for several years, but vacated it in 2014 for an unsuccessful mayoral run.

  • Brad Clark.
  • Doug Conley (incumbent).
  • David Ford.
  • Peter Lanza.
  • Lakhwinder Singh Multani.

Ward 10

  • Jeff Beattie.
  • Louis Milojevic.
  • Maria Pearson (incumbent).
  • Ian Thompson. 
There are new ward boundaries this election. (City of Hamilton)

Ward 11

  • Brenda Johnson (incumbent).
  • Waleed Shewayhat.

Ward 12

  • Mike Bell.
  • Lloyd Ferguson (incumbent).
  • Kevin Marley.
  • Miranda Reis.
  • John Scime.

Ward 13

  • Gaspare Bonomo.
  • Rich Gelder.
  • Kevin Gray.
  • Pamela Mitchell.
  • John Mykytyshyn.
  • John Roberts.
  • Arlene Vanderbeek (incumbent).

Ward 14

  • Roslyn French-Sanges.
  • Robert Iszkula.
  • Vincent Samuel.
  • Terry Whitehead (incumbent).
  • Bryan Wilson.

Ward 15

  • Susan McKechnie.
  • Judi Partridge (incumbent).
Dawn Danko, Ward 7 trustee with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, has been acclaimed. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Wards 1 and 2

  • Christine Ann Bingham (incumbent).
  • Rahimuddin Chowdhury.

Ward 3

Incumbent Larry Pattison is not running.

  • Steven Paul Denault.
  • Livia Jones. 
  • Maria Felix Miller.
  • Chris Parkinson.
  • Gail Tessier.
  • Marlene A. S. Thomas​.
  • Jocelynn Vieira.

Ward 4

  • Ray Mulholland (incumbent).

Ward 5

Ward 6

  • Kathy Archer (incumbent).
  • Jay Edington.
  • Eamon O'Donnell.

Ward 7

  • Dawn Danko (incumbent).

Ward 8 and 14

Incumbent Wes Hicks, a long-time trustee, says he's withdrawn his nomination.

  • Becky Buck.
  • Rochelle Butler.
  • Yousaf Malik.
  • Damin Starr.
  • Erica Villabroza.

Wards 9 and 10

Incumbent Jeff Beattie is running for city council.

  • Wayne Marston.
  • Cam Galindo.

Wards 11 and 12 

  • Bruce Carnegie.
  • Blake Hambly.
  • Alex Johnstone (incumbent).

Ward 13

Incumbent Greg Van Geffen is not running.

  • Sukhi Dhillon.
  • Noor Nizam.
  • Chris Parr.
  • Paul Tut.
  • Steven James Laur.

Ward 15

  • Janet Creet.
  • Penny Deathe (incumbent).

Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Wards 1, 2 and 15

  • Mark Valvasori (incumbent).

Wards 3 and 4

  • Anthony Perri (incumbent).

Ward 5

  • Ralph Agostino.
  • Aldo D'Intino (incumbent).

Ward 6

  • Ellen Agostino.
  • Joseph Baiardo (incumbent). 
  • Elen Ranas.

Ward 7

  • Patrick Daly (incumbent). 

Ward 8 and 14

  • George Kalacherry.
  • John Valvasori (incumbent).

Ward 9 and 11

  • Louis Agro.
  • Karmen Crea.
  • Antonio (Tony) Di Mambro.
  • Tyler Iorio.  

Ward 10

  • Mary Nardini (incumbent).

Wards 12 and 13

  • Nick Caluori.
  • Olya Lydia Chan.
  • Neil Chopp.
  • Phil Homerski.

Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir (French Catholic)

This trustee represents the Hamilton area.

  • Marcel Levesque (incumbent).

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (French public)

This trustee represents Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Brantford, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Brant, Grimsby and Halton Hills.

  • Denis Frawley.
  • Pierre Girouard (incumbent).


  • An earlier version of this story said Patrick Daly was Hamilton's longest-serving politician. In fact, Ray Mulholland has served longer.
    Jul 27, 2018 7:56 PM ET


Samantha Craggs is a CBC News reporter based in Hamilton, Ont. She has a particular interest in politics and social justice stories, and tweets live from Hamilton city hall. Follow her on Twitter at @SamCraggsCBC, or email her at samantha.craggs@cbc.ca


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