Someone was watching for Cece Luppino before he was gunned down: police

Police have released a description of the suspect in the slaying of a Hamilton mobster’s son in the hopes it triggers tips from the public.
Police say Cece Luppino was 43-years-old. (Facebook)

Police have released a description of the suspect in the slaying of a Hamilton mobster's son.

Hamilton police are reviewing video surveillance from the scene and surrounding area for clues in the Jan. 30 death of Cece Luppino.

Luppino, 43, was gunned down at a Hamilton home owned by his father, Rocco.

Court documents show the Luppino family is connected to a web of organized crime stretching from Hamilton to Buffalo.

Luppino's death is the city's third killing in the past two years in which the victim had some connection to organized crime families. All occurred under similar circumstances, with the victim targeted at a family home. 

Police have said Luppino's shooting death was a "targeted" killing. He did not have a criminal record, and was not known to police.

Lupino arrived home several minutes before he was killed, police said Sunday. Soon after, a man appeared on the east sidewalk of Rendell Boulevard from the south side.

That man milled around for "a short period" before he walked through a neighbouring property to 52 Mountain Brow Blvd., where the victim lived.

He walked into the open garage, police say. After the shooting, the man ran back in the same direction and was last seen running southbound on Rendell Boulevard.

The suspect, police say, is a black male of average or athletic build. He wore a black waist-length winter coat, black pants, black boots, a black toque and a grey shirt.

Police say Luppino likely wasn't being followed. Instead, someone was watching for him.

Investigators are asking anyone who saw someone matching the suspect's description, or noticed suspicious activity around the Bill Foley Parkette this past week, to call them.

Police say they're still not sure if the shooter was alone. They also don't know if he had a vehicle, but believe a dark four-door sedan could be involved.

Police want anyone with information to call Det. Doug Jonovich at 905-546-4863.


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