Fire destroys Burlington home, does $1.25M in damage

A fire in suburban Burlington has destroyed a home and caused an estimated $1,250,000 in damage, Burlington Fire says.  

Emergency services arrived to smoke and flames billowing out of the building’s roof

Firefighters battling a house fire on Long Drive, Burlington. (David Ritchie)

A fire in Burlington has destroyed a home, Burlington Fire says, and caused an estimated $1,250,000 in damage.

Eight fire trucks and more than two dozen firefighters were called to the scene at Long Drive in Burlington just after 12:45 p.m Wednesday, fire services said. 

Smoke and flames could be seen billowing out of the building's roof. 

Several people were inside the home when the fire started. However, no one was injured or died during the fire, authorities said.

Firefighters said in a press release that the fire started in the garage then spread to the rest of the house. 

An investigation is now underway to determine what started the fire. The reasons for ignition remain unknown, the fire department said.