More footage from Holly Ellsworth-Clark's family prompts police search in Industrial Sector

Officers say the new tips have prompted them to check the area around Wentworth Street North and Burlington Avenue East.

The new footage, found by family, is said to show the missing 27-year-old walking on the day she went missing

Holly Ellsworth-Clark's family has found more footage of her on Jan. 11, the day she went missing, prompting police to search by the docks. (Instagram)

The search for Holly Ellsworth-Clark continues as her family says they have found, for the second time, new footage of the missing woman walking in Hamilton the day she went missing.

The latest images have prompted police to conduct new ground searches near the city's industrial waterfront.

 Elle McFearsin, one of the leaders of the search effort, tells CBC News they found a combination of footage from dash cams and security cameras from Jan. 11 that shows Ellswoth-Clark walking "on a mission."

It's the second set of surveillance video showing Ellsworth-Clark found by her family in the last few days. 

"We're tenacious and we're not ready to give up," she says. "If we don't get the answer we want, we keep going."

Officers say the new tip prompted them to check the area around Wentworth Street North and Burlington Avenue East

Police are urging nearby residents to check their security cameras for any images of Ellsworth-Clark, but the family is requesting to leave the searches to officers.

The new find has added hope to the search, but both it and the first set of video are from the day Ellsworth-Clark left.

McFearsin says their civilian search squad varies by day, sometimes about a dozen people split up and knock on doors, while others drive around town.

Elle McFearsin, flew in from Calgary to help find Holly Ellsworth-Clark, one of her closest friends. She has coordinated many of the searches and has been in close contact with police. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

But, they're still getting help from online groups of cyber sleuths like Guardians of our Angels Missing Persons Canada and locals in Hamilton.

"It's reaffirming. The humanity we keep seeing is amazing," she says.

"You get the ups and downs and emotions of hope. The public in Hamilton has been going through the exact same feelings as we have, even if they aren't always on the ground with us."

Search comes days after footage released to the public

Hamilton police release new video of missing woman Holly Ellsworth-Clark

3 years ago
Duration 0:14
In this video, a woman, who police say is Holly Ellsworth-Clark, walks in the rain, wearing what appears to be a rain poncho with black pants and black boots, while carrying a black garbage bag that appears to be full.

The search comes days after Ellsworth-Clark's family found new surveillance footage that showed her last confirmed sighting. The first discovery was from about 4:50 p.m. on Jan.11, about 50 minutes after she left her house.

Billboards and thousands of posters for Holly have been put up in Calgary and Hamilton while other volunteers spread the word around Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal.

Ellsworth-Clark, 27, is  6'1 and 200-pounds.

She's been missing since Jan. 11 and was last seen walking northbound on Wentworth Street toward Shaw Street at about 4:50 p.m.

Holly Ellsworth-Clark left Calgary to pursue a music career in Hamilton and Toronto. She's been missing since Jan. 11. (Submitted by Sheryl-Lynn Francis)

The Newfoundland-born musician moved to Hamilton in October 2019 after growing up in Calgary.

She is a champion amateur wrestler and political science grad from the University of Calgary.

Anyone with information can call the police at 905-546-3816.

The Clark family is also accepting tips at bringhollyhome2020@gmail.com.


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