U.S. Steel bankruptcy by the numbers

A look at some of the financial and other figures revealed in its bankruptcy protection filing.

Here is a look at some of the key ​numbers in U.S. Steel's bankruptcy protection filing.

$2.4 billion - Cumulative losses of Canadian operations since 2008.

$1.9 billion - The gap between value of the Canadian assets and current liabilities.

$2.9 billion - Current assets of the four main pension plans.

$3.7 billion - Current aggregate liabilities of the same plans (on a solvency basis).

$1.4 billion - Money owed to parent U.S. Steel under an unsecured loan.

$438 million - Interest on that unsecured loan.

$162 million - Amount owed by the end of the year to parent company U.S. Steel in interest payments. The parent company is refusing to waive the interest.

$150 million - Amount of provincial loan to Stelco. 

75 -  Per cent of that loan that will be forgiven by the province if it makes up its pension solvency deficits by the end of 2015. The company says there is "no reasonable prospect" it will qualify for that discount.

$70 million - The fixed annual funding level for pensions payable in monthly instalments. All required contributions to the main Pension Plans have been made when due and are up-to-date.

1,527 - Number of unionized employees at Lake Erie Works. 

1,837 - The number of workers and beneficiaries from Lake Erie Works receiving pensions.

618 - Unionized workers at Hamilton Works. 

12,614 - The number of former salaried and unionized employees, their spouses and other beneficiaries associated with Hamilton Works who receive pension benefits.