Trail of coins leads police to suspect, missing dough after bakery robbery

A trail of dropped coins, not breadcrumbs, led officers to a suspect in a robbery at a north Hamilton bakery.
In policing, as in journalism, it's always helpful to follow the money. (iStockphoto)

Hamilton police didn't follow a trail of breadcrumbs to catch an alleged crook.  

Rather, it was sprinkling of coins that led officers to make an arrest in connection with a robbery at north Hamilton bakery and recover the missing dough.

Around 11 p.m. of Sunday, police received reports of a robbery in progress at a shop near the intersection of Barton Street East and Sherman Avenue North.

After arriving at the scene, officers noticed the trail of coins that led to a nearby address.

Once there, police say they found a man who fit the description of the robber — as well property belonging to the bakery, including cash and a collection of "unique" coins — and arrested him.

The accused, a 38-year-old Hamiltonian, faces charges of break and enter and possession under $5,000.