The funny side of exams: How Mac students cope with the pressure

You waited too long to study, you watched too much Netflix, the test doesn't match what you studied and you're ready to panic. So you go to Facebook for some good exam jokes.

McMaster students are in the heart of final exams and amid the pressure, there's humour

An online leak of an exam answer has prompted the educaiton ministry to cancel the question, leaving some students upset. (CBC)

Whether it is first year students fearing they may not measure up, or final year students eager to end it all and graduate, final exams at college and university bring pressure and stress. 

How do they cope with all those long hours of study, lack of sleep and fear of failure? At McMaster University where thousands are deep into their year-end exam period, they cope with the help of humour. 

A dark, fatalistic, galllows humour.

And they share it with each other on the student community facebook page: "Spotted at Mac." 

Here's a sample of how students see their lives and themselves during these critical weeks in their lives.

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