Take a video cycling tour up the hill that trained Olympian Clara Hughes

Local competitive cyclist and winner of this year's Paris to Ancaster race Mandy Dreyer takes us on a narrated video climb up Sydenham Hill.

Cyclist Clara Hughes trained on the Dundas, Ont hill from 1991 to 1998

It's surprising what a 116-metre climb on a bike will do to strengthen your legs.

That's the incline on Dundas' Sydenham Hill — and from 1991 to 1998, Olympic great Clara Hughes trained on it before becoming an 18-time Canadian national cycling champion and one of only five people ever to snag medals in the winter and summer Olympic games.

Hughes returns to Hamilton this weekend to be recognized for her accomplishments and commitment to cycling.

Sydenham Hill — which rises more than 100 meters from central Dundas to the top of the escarpment — was a central part of her training. Hughes has often talked of the role the tough climb played in her development as a cyclist.

Click on the video in the player above to see local competitive cyclist Mandy Dreyer (winner of this year's Paris to Ancaster race) take you on a narrated video climb up Sydenham Hill. Dreyer is also a member of the Tough Rack Racing team.

"It's nice to have athletes that aren't just athletes," Dreyer told CBC Hamilton. "She's an inspirational person for sure."

Saturday, a plaque will be unveiled at the top of the hill to commemorate Hughes' accomplishments.