Replay: Graphic anti-abortion imagery: effective or not?

Replay our noon live chat discussing the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform's graphic anti-abortion tactics that have been on display in Hamilton for the last two weeks.
The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform attached this banner to an overpass by the Upper Wentworth exit on the Linc earlier this month. The CCBR's methods have been met with outrage from some Hamiltonians. (Courtesy Lindsay Tompkins)

Stephanie Gray wants to shock you.

She’s the co-founder and executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, an “educational pro-life organization” that has been holding graphic demonstrations in Hamilton for the last two weeks.

She says the group is two years into an 18-year campaign to "convey the true horror" of abortion when "words are insufficient."

Stephanie Gray from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical reform says abortion is "as wrong as killing a toddler." (Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform)

Demonstrators from the CCBR have been busy — going door to door and leaving graphic door hangers on Hamilton homes, stringing a banner with a picture of an aborted fetus across the Linc, and staging demonstrations outside Hamilton schools.

Some Hamiltonians have taken issue with the group’s methods, calling them “inappropriate,” at best and “graphic and disturbing” at worst.

CBC Hamilton hosted a live chat with Gray Monday at noon to discuss the CCBR’s tactics. You can hear our interview with her and replay the chat below.