Police release video of Michael Sullivan being chased down by truck before death

Two years after a black Ford F150 chased a father of two with a disability on a bicycle down city streets, hitting and killing the cyclist behind a restaurant supply store, police are still looking for the driver.
Michael Sullivan was last seen here on video biking behind a restaurant supply store. A truck chasing him was seen driving out, while Sullivan never reappeared. The video is from two years ago. Police have still not identified the driver, and released the video Wednesday. (Hamilton Police)

Two years after someone driving a black Ford F150 chased cyclist Michael Sullivan down city streets, hitting and killing him behind a restaurant supply store, police have released surveillance footage of the chase. 

In it, you can see Sullivan using streets and sidewalks to escape. He doesn't appear frantic while biking away, but the truck cuts in front of cars and nearly gets hit by oncoming traffic on Barton Street after leaving the back of the restaurant supply store.

After the truck exits, Sullivan does not reappear. Police say he was struck in the back, sending him flying from his bike. He died three months later after he was removed from life support.

On Wednesday, the two-year anniversary of the collision, his family once again made a public plea to find his killer.

Hamilton Police Det. Peter Thom said they have a "strong" suspect.

"We were just waiting for sufficient evidence to come to lay a charge," Thom said.

The family, meanwhile, continued to grieve the loss of Sullivan, and released a balloon after the public appeal.

Michael Sullivan, 51, was killed by a truck driver who chased him through the streets of the east end back in July, police say. (Hamilton police)
Police have the truck that hit the 51-year-old, but can't unravel the mystery of who was behind the wheel of the mid-afternoon attack near Barton and Gage Streets. A $50,000 reward for information offered in February still hasn't turned into an arrest.

Gail Sullivan, who is wearing an "angel of hope" given to her after her son's death, said it is tough to watch the surveillance video released Wednesday.

"When he drove the truck, I can just picture him driving into Michael, and Michael laying there, it's horrific to think about," Gail said.

Still looking for leads

Police believe the truck had been loaned out to a number of different people, and was not registered to the person driving it at the time.

As for Sullivan, movement was hard for him. He'd injured his leg and back in an earlier fall, and when he was hit by a car in 2010, life became more difficult.

He'd overcome other struggles too. He was a recovering drug addict, and was proud every day of staying clean, his mother said at last year's event.

Still, Sullivan was industrious and generous. He worked from home, building and fixing things for other people. He rebuilt computers for kids who couldn't afford them. He fixed bikes for people who didn't have them.

Knowing that the police have a strong suspect, one in Hamilton, provides some comfort for Gail.

"It shows that there's hope," she said. "They have pretty strong suspicion… Nobody gets away with anything forever. I'm sure that they'll get him."


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