Pan Am Games to reveal Dofasco-contributed cauldron tomorrow

With the Pan Am Games set to kick off tomorrow, one of Hamilton's big contributions to the festivities will be lighting up the games tomorrow night.

Hamilton steelmaker's contribution to opening festivities will create a lasting symbol

The cauldron's location was revealed to be at the base of the tower, but the actual image remains hidden behind what officials described as the "Canada's biggest sugar cube." (ArcelorMittal Dofasco/Facebook)

With the Pan Am Games set to kick off Friday, one of Hamilton's big contributions to the opening ceremonies will be lighting up the games tomorrow night.

With the help of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, the Games will be unveiling a steel cauldron at the base of CN Tower tomorrow night during the opening ceremonies' cauldron lighting.

During a press conference today, officials announced the location of the cauldron that will house the flames, but kept mum on any other details, holding most back until tomorrow's ceremony.

Some details were already made available earlier this year, however. The cauldron is made from 10 different types of steel donated to the games by the Hamilton steelmaker, and manufactured by its 5,400 employees.

An exact replica is set to be erected somewhere in Hamilton after the games, but that location has still not be revealed. 

The reason for having so many different types of steel is to house all the structural peculiarities that goes into making a torch. Some parts require less strength than others, and some need to handle tremendous heat, said Tony Valeri, vice president of corporate affairs at Dofasco.

Valeri also said the steel represents a diverse portfolio, much like the diversity represented in the games and in Hamilton's different sectors.

"For us that was an important part of the narrative," he said. "From a Dofasco perspective, we are always bringing together a diverse perspective. It's the way we always worked. So for TO2015, we saw an opportunity to bring together diverse communities."​