No wheels for dad after 17-year-old charged with stunt driving

A 17-year-old Flamborough man has been charged with stunt driving after police caught the teen driving 144 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

Dad's car impounded, $650 bill at impound lot

A Flamborough teen will be without a licence and his father will be without a car, after the 17-year-old was charged with stunt driving early Sunday.

The teen was driving his dad's vehicle south on Highway 6 when he was clocked at 144 km/h, says Hamilton Police, 64 km/h over the posted 80 km/h speed limit.

The stunt driving charges carry an automatic seven-day licence suspension for the driver, and immediate impoundment of the vehicle involved. Hamilton Police added there are currently $650 in impound charges for the car.