Niagara Police threaten charges for Uber

Niagara Regional Police aren’t welcoming Uber with open arms.

No new charges laid against Uber drivers in Hamilton

The Uber versus Taxi race

7 years ago
Duration 1:45
One is in a cab. One is in an Uber car. Who gets to the finish line first?

Niagara Regional Police aren't welcoming Uber with open arms.

Superintendent Scott McLean says the ride-hailing service is not in compliance with a regional bylaw, and if there are complaints, officers will investigate and enforce the law.

McLean says Uber is liable for investigation and charges. He says if Uber operators accept a customer and receive payment, then a violation of the region's bylaw has occurred.

Many municipalities are still grappling with what to do with Uber. Eight people in Hamilton are facing a total of 23 charges for working as Uber drivers.

But no other charges have been laid since that initial burst back in September, city spokesperson Ann Lamanes said in an email.

"No further charges to date, but we have an active investigation," she said. An "active investigation" means the city is currently investigating other drivers, she said.

Hamilton city council passed a motion last month asking Uber to suspend operations in Hamilton while the city examines changes to taxi regulations.

Spokesperson Susie Heath said the company was "pleased" to attend that council meeting, but did not answer questions on if the service would suspend operations in Hamilton as council requested.

"We believe that ridesharing and Uber should be regulated and look forward to continuing our work with city officials and council as we move towards a new regulatory framework that embraces ridesharing, just as we are in cities across Canada," she said.

Local cab company Blue Line Taxi has also launched a new app to compete with Uber.

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