McMaster University goes Gangnam Style in video parody

McMaster University has a new way to promote its sports teams - it's going Gangnam Style.
McMaster University president Patrick Deane, centre, dances with basketball players Adam Presutti and Aaron Redpath in the Marauders' new Gangnam Style parody video. The video is meant to promote the school and its athletics department.

McMaster University has devised a new way to promote its sports teams — it's going Gangnam Style.

President Patrick Deane, Marauders athletes and various students appear in a new parody video based on South Korean rapper Psy's song "Gangnam Style." The video was released Tuesday afternoon.

Filmmakers traveled around campus getting people to recreate the now-famous dance, said Asfand Minhas, partnership and marketing co-ordinator in the department of athletics and recreation. Much of it was filmed at McMaster's Open Streets event in September.

"We want to instill school pride and we want people to come to the games," Minhas said. "This was a great avenue to showcase that."

The parody involved teaching the "Gangnam Style" dance to the Marauders men's basketball team. That was challenging.

"A lot of the guys just don't move that way," Minhas said. "They were built to play basketball competitively."

But "by the end of filming, they could do it in their sleep."

Filmmakers approached McMaster University president Patrick Deane on campus. Deane played along, doing the dance flanked by two Marauders basketball players.

"He did it on the spot," Minhas said.

McMaster is not the first university to do a "Gangnam Style" parody. The University of Oregon's parody has amassed nearly five million hits on YouTube.

Minhas hopes for something similar.

"We want it to go viral."

The video, done by Eyedentical Media in partnership with Volv, also features McMaster's Verve Dance Team.

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