McMaster student's campaign ad makes silver screen

A McMaster student's short video will air ahead of every movie at Hamilton theatres for two weeks starting in late May.

Student's artistic public service announcement wins contest

Imagine having a video you made air over a thousand times on the big screen in Hamilton.

The lights dim down, the audience quiets and moviegoers focus their eyes on your work.

Starting May 25, that's what will happen for McMaster University student Rebecca Annibale.

Her artistic video, Consent, Let's Talk, shows young women with messages about consent written on various body parts, such as "No doesn't mean maybe."

Annibale's video won the top prize for a public service announcement video contest held by Hamilton's Woman Abuse Working Group (WAWG). 

"I was super excited. I was home alone when I found out so I just kind of blasted the music and was really happy and danced around as embarassing as that is," Annibale said.

"It was minimal but very impactful," WAWG chair Valerie Sadler explained. "Hopefully, it will get people talking about consent and understanding. One of the key messages we had is consent is necessary all along in any area of intimacy."

Sadler says that means from holding someone's hand to kissing, there has to be communication and agreed upon intimacy.

"If it's a 'maybe,' it's a 'no.' If she's not sure, it's a 'no.' It's very clear. Unless it's a clear, enthusiastic yes, everything is a no. There's no grey area," Sadler added.

The video will play for two weeks in pre-shows at Cineplex SilverCity in Hamilton and Ancaster. The contest was part of a three-year consent campaign by WAWG.