Less than a week until RoboCop starts filming in Hamilton

Robocop is coming. In less than a week the cameras roll on Robocop. The film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman and Jay Baruchel.

Get your smartphone cameras ready. Hollywood stars Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman are making their way to town as part of the all-star cast of the sci-fi reboot RoboCop.

RoboCop, a remake of the 1987 classic, is slated to begin shooting on James Street North from Sept. 24 until Oct. 1. The City of Hamilton makes a guest appearance as the City of Detroit.

The all-star cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton. Actor Joel Kinnaman will portray the lead role.

Previously, builders constructing the set at 265 James Street North told CBC Hamilton that they're setting up the space to look like a restaurant for a chase scene in the film.

Then, when it's finished, they'll tear it all down again.

The RoboCop crew is filming all over the GTA in September and October. At the moment, shooting is taking place in Mississauga.

Unofficial shots of star Joel Kinnaman in what appears to be his RoboCop suit have already caused a mini-uproar online among die hard fans who feel the suit is not sufficiently robotic, according to an article on The Guardian website.

RoboCop tells the story of Alex Murphy, a Detroit cop who is killed on duty but resurrected as a hulking cyborg. The original film came out in 1987 and was directed by Paul Verhoeven. This time around, Jose Padilha will direct.