Is Laval eyeing Hamilton's Bulldogs?

Laval is building an arena and the owner of the Montreal Canadiens says a pro hockey team will play there. Will it be the Hamilton Bulldogs?

No new lease, yet, for the Bulldogs in Hamilton

It looks like Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson might have his sights set on Hamilton's hockey team.

The Hamilton Bulldogs also happen to be Geoff Molson's hockey team. The Bulldogs are the American Hockey league Affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens. And the team could be on the move to Laval. Watch the video on this page for a report from CBC Montreal on interest in Laval for the Bulldogs.

On Monday, Molson was in Laval to launch Place Bell, a $120 million sports complex that will include an arena. Place Bell is scheduled for completion in 2015. Molson said the new arena would be able to hold 10,000 spectators a game. He also said that he arena will be the home of a pro-level hockey team. Molson stopped short of saying that team would be the Hamilton Bulldogs.  

"It makes it much better for this city if there is a hockey team," Molson said. "The next step for us to work is to make sure we do have the right team for the Laval market."

That's an idea that has the Mayor of Laval excited.

Newly-elected mayor Alexandre Duplessis said, "If it's not the Bulldogs it's going to be another good hockey team."

Meanwhile in Hamilton, the Bulldogs are in the final year of their lease agreement with the city to use Copps Coliseum. Global Spectrum, the new manager of Copps Coliseum, is working with city staff to present a report by early December on whether or not to extend the Bulldog's lease or pursue an OHL team.

The Erie Otters of the OHL have been rumored to be interested in moving to Hamilton. In October, Paul Roper, media relations manager for the OHL franchise told CBC Hamilton "we have zero plans for anything like that at all."

Bulldogs owner Michael Andlauer says he wants to keep hockey in Hamilton and is frustrated by this whole process. "My desire was to keep hockey in Hamilton despite all the rumors," he said.