Inquest called into shooting death of Hamilton teen

The Ontario Coroner's office calls an inquest into Andreas Unkerskov-Chinnery's death after an incident with Hamilton Police.

Andreas Unkerskov-Chinnery died Feb. 2, 2011

A coroner's inquest has been called into the death of Hamilton teen, Andreas Unkerskov-Chinnery.

The 18-year-old died on Feb. 2, 2011 after a confrontation in his Barton Street East apartment with Hamilton Police.

A report from the Special Investigations Unit said two police officers were called to Chinnery's apartment for a disturbance. Chinnery opened his door holding a baseball bat  and hit the edge of the door with the bat, and started to swing the bat in one officer's direction.

The SIU reports both officers yelled at Chinnery to drop the bat, but he continued to swing. One officer fired two shots and both hit Chinnery.

Unkerskov died of his injuries — two shooting wounds — at Hamilton General Hospital.

The SIU concluded that there were no grounds to charge the officers involved.

The coroner's office said the inquest is expected to last two weeks and include about 25 witnesses.

The inquest is scheduled to begin Dec. 3 in Hamilton.