Hamilton DayStarter: Everything you need to know Wednesday

Another chilly day in Hamilton. When you leave your home this morning, it will feel like -28 C. Bundle up! Here's all the traffic, weather and news you'll need to start your day.

Another chilly day in Hamilton. When you leave your home this morning, it will feel like -28 C. Bundle up!

If you own a car, here are a few tips for your vehicle in this cold weather. CAA recommends to check your tire pressure regularly – it drops quicker when it's this cold. Keep your gas tank at least half-full so condensation doesn't freeze around the fuel line. And pay attention to your battery, too. Any odd noises, dimming headlights or stalling may be a sign your battery is dying.

No issues on GO Transit so far this morning from Hamilton.

At 9 a.m.:

A two-car collision on the Linc near the 403 in Ancaster is in the right shoulder. No injuries.

At 8:45 a.m.:

Concession Street is slow this hour.

Aberdeen has cleared.

At 8 a.m.:

Local highways moving well this hour.

In town, Aberdeen is slow from Queen heading towards the 403. James Street coming off the West 5th access route is slow until King Street.

At 7:30 a.m.:

A three-car collision about 30 minutes ago on the QEW Toronto-bound at Appleby Line in Burlington may still be causing some delays. Those vehicles are in the left shoulder and a tow truck is on scene. No injuries.

In town, roads are moving well. Best bets for access routes this hour are West 5th, Queen Street, Jolley Cut or the Claremont Access.

The wind chill is back this morning. It feels like -28 C for your walk to work or school, so bundle up and make sure your kids are bundled up, too.

We're in for a sunny day and the temperature will rise to about -14 C this afternoon.

Overnight, expect some snowfall and a low of -17 C.

Crews are working double time on the new Pan Am stadium to make up for a two-week delay caused in part by a recent ice storm.

The late-December ice storm, combined with problems with a masonry company, has slowed construction on the new Tim Horton's Field, said Garreth Barkey, site supervisor with Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.

In early February, crews will start working double shifts, which will continue until the June 30 deadline, Barkey said. So he’s confident the stadium will be ready on time.

The police board met last night and after some discussion, it seem it will probably be a smooth ride when Hamilton city councillors get their first chance to vote on the police budget.

At a Thursday budget meeting, councillors will vote to receive the Hamilton Police Service budget, a 2.98-per cent increase over 2013.

Here's an adorable photo to warm you up on a cold day. Aw, baby animals.

You work out at Gold's Gym on Venice Beach? You get Arnold. Get ready for a good laugh.

The Hamilton All Star Jazz Band is performing at Ancaster's Old Fire Hall Arts Centre tonight. 334 Wilson St. East. Tickets are $25. Show at 8 p.m.