Hamilton artist Andrew McPhail creates steel art with pins and needles

Centre 3's exhibit called Qualia, or the Feel of Steel, showcases Hamilton artists and their use of steel for their creations.

Andrew McPhail isn't walking on pins and needles. He's actually creating art with them.

Using an old fabric chair, he sat, stood and crouched while he installed sewing pins throughout the piece of furniture. His four-legged work titled Prick, is part of centre3's exhibit called Qualia, or the feel of steel.

The exhibit, which features the works of seven artists, asks art admirers and the creators themselves to take a deeper look into the meaning of steel to Hamilton.

McPhail's work runs until August 18 at centre3 on James Street North. The art space also will house Qualia works from Shelley Niro and Samina Mansuri.

Click here for CBC Hamilton's story on fellow Qualia artist Steve Mazza, whose mini factory works can be seen at the Hamilton Museum for Steam and Technology.