For sale: Former Hells Angels clubhouse now an investment opportunity

The former Hells Angels clubhouse in the city's north end is up for sale, advertised as "great investment opportunity" on the real estate web page.

The former home of the biker gang is selling for $499,900

A structure fire Tuesday morning caused around $75,000 worth of damage to the building at the corner of Beach Road and Gage Avenue North. This building was formerly the clubhouse of the Hells Angels. (David Ritchie)

The former Hells Angels clubhouse in the city's east end is up for sale, advertised as "great investment opportunity" in an online real estate profile.

The asking price for a fortified two-storey former tavern with locked gates, barbed wire protecting its side parking lot, barred windows and a new roof in 2010?? How does $499,000 sound?

The red-brick former tavern on Beach Road at Gage Avenue North was home to the Hamilton chapter of the biker gang for years, but on Jan. 28, the group was evicted. As tenants in the building, the group says it was caught up in a dispute between between the owner and person holding the mortgage.

Earlier this month, a fire on the second floor of the building caused $75,000 in damage. The Hamilton Fire Department said the fire is not being considered suspicious, but was caused by an electrical issue between floor joists of the second floor.

History means extra attention

"Classic tavern in central Hamilton near Tim Hortons Field," the ad reads. "Completely renovated 2009 & 2010, roof 2010. Great investment opportunity!"

Dan Golfi, a sales representative with ReMax, is working with his father Rob Golfi to sell the property. Dan said there were a few people interested in the property before the fire and even with the current fire damage, people are still interested in checking out the building.

The ceiling is still dripping water in some locations on the first floor. A half-dozen fans are placed around bar area, aimed toward the open ceiling in hopes of drying the water.

In a phone interview, real estate agent Rob Golfi said because the building was a former Hells Angels clubhouse, it's received an increased level of attention.

"I think it's helpful because everybody knows it," he said. "Everyone's going to want to see inside it."

Greg Tilley is reportedly the property owner. According to 2009 media reports, Tilley was the one-time owner of the Gage Tavern, which used to be located at that address.

City to sell property in tax sale

Complicating any sale, though, will be an issue with overdue city taxes. Larry Friday, the city's director of taxation, said the property is scheduled to be sold off for unpaid taxes at the city's next tax sale in May.

The owner owes the city five years worth of back taxes, he said. Including the installment that was due in February, Friday said the total amount owing is $72,624.66.

A city lien was placed on the property in late 2014 and the one-year redemption period would have expired in late 2015, he said. If the owner isn't able to sell the property before the spring — and clear up the lien — the city will take over and try to sell it off themselves.

Friday said the owner has been in conversation with his office. 

Angels not interested

Jaime Stephenson, a Hamilton lawyer speaking on behalf of the biker gang, said the members have removed all their belongings from the building. 

When asked if the bikers were looking to eventually move back into the building, she said the fact that gang members have removed their stuff from the space and the building is up for sale should indicate that they're not.

She also said the gang members were not connected to the fire in any way and there is no investigation into the cause of this fire that she's aware of.


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