Fashion senseless? Hamilton 4th in worst dressed list

An American fashion consultant and blogger puts Hamilton on the world-wide worst dressed list.

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A tip for Hamiltonians: the Canadian tuxedo is not fashionable.

Hendrik Pohl, founder of bows-n-ties.com, found himself in Hamilton visiting a friend not long ago. As a result of his trip to Ontario, this blogger named Hamilton fourth on his list of top 10 worst dressed cities in the world. The business owner based his results on the places he traveled to, fashion blogs, photos and newspaper clippings.

In an interview with CBC Hamilton, Pohl explained that Hamilton's problem is too much conformity, the "goth chic" look and denim on denim.

"Considering how big the city is, I found it difficult to find stores that appeal to people interested in men's fashion," Pohl said.

He visited Limeridge Mall, but found no shops that caught his eye. Along Locke Street South, a lone shoe store turned out to be Hamilton's one redeeming quality. Pohl got the sense fashion just isn't a priority here in the Hammer. 

Pohl's 10 Worst Dressed Cities

1. Beijing

2. Bucharest

3. Dublin

4. Hamilton

5. Helsinki

6. Manchester

7. Maui

8. Ottawa

9. Reykjavik

10. Sydney

Although Pohl is entitled to his own opinion, Warwick Jones, president and CEO of Coppley, a local men's clothing manufacturer, calls the list "insane".

"I don't know where he's coming from," Jones said.

Just like any other city, Jones explained that certain areas house people in different economic brackets.

"If you're in Jackson Square, it's dog-eared," remarked Jones. "It's shockingly bad. If you're at Hamilton Club, it's perfectly fine. Somewhere in between is where the regular person fits. Hamilton isn't the wealthiest city in the world. It depends on where you are in Hamilton"

Jones says the revitalization of the Lister Block is helping downtown turn around, fashion-wise. And when businesses come, so does better property values, a vibrant cultural scene and in return, a more fashionable population. Jones pointed out some of the places he found stylish in the city.

"Westdale dresses nicely," Jones said. "If you walked through the mall on the mountain it's pretty good."

It comes down to having money and the desire to dress nicely, Jones explained.