Could this be Main Street in Hamilton?

Could Main Street become Hamilton's version of Park Avenue?

Raise The Hammer's Jason Leach makes the case to remake Main Street.

Could the meridian on Park Avenue in New York work on Main Street in Hamilton? (Karl Fjellstrom/ITDP China)

When you walk, drive or bike down Main Street in Hamilton does it make you think of Park Avenue in New York? Probably not. Raise The Hammer writer Jason Leach sees, in Park Avenue, something that Hamilton's Main Street could become and he's not talking about a high-price spot on the Monopoly board.

He sent this email into our account at Hamilton@cbc.ca.

I found a picture that most closely represents my idea for Main Street becoming 2-way with a narrow median 'boulevard' that will allow for greenery, lots of overhead trees and mid-block pedestrian crossing access. This is Park Ave in NYC (see photo above). It appears to have room for 2-lanes each way plus parking each way. Our Main St, between Dundurn and Sherman has room for a total of 5-full lanes (as you see today). 

I'm suggesting we make it 4 lanes, and divide up the space from the 5th lane for a combination of on-street parking in certain stretches, wider sidewalks where needed (especially west of Bay) and median boulevards like the ones shown on Park Ave. 

Notice how narrow the median is, yet the massive visual impact it creates. I could even see us using a combination of these effects such as a boulevard median on the west and east sides of the Dundurn and Queen intersections, with street parking on one-side of Main for the rest of the stretch that doesn't have the medians. 

I really believe that now is the time to get serious about such ideas.

Downtown has come such a long way in the past number of years . . . converting King, Main and Cannon to proper two-way design would go a LONG way towards seeing downtown's success spread to other neighbourhoods and streets that currently aren't enjoying any.

Ok Hamilton. A meridian on Main Street. What do you think? Would it work? Send us your ideas at Hamilton@cbc.ca or send comments to Raise the Hammer. You can also post below in the comments section.