Border officers seize heroin hidden in high heels at Hamilton airport

Canada Border Services Agency found 799 grams of heroin hidden in high heels that had been shipped from Pakistan, resulting in criminal charges for two people.
Border services officers found 799 grams of heroin hidden in the soles of five pairs of high-heeled shoes at Hamilton's airport last month. (Canada Border Services Agency)

Border services officers seized 799 grams of heroin hidden in women's high-heeled shoes that were shipped to the Hamilton airport. 

Canada Border Services Agency officers were examining cargo at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport last month, and they opened a package from Pakistan containing clothes and shoes.

They did an X-ray after noticing "a smell emitting from the package and modifications to the soles of the shoes," according to a border services press release. 

A photo from the Canada Border Services Agency shows a shoe with a compartment that CBSA alleges contained heroin. (Canada Border Services Agency)
That showed them that there were "unidentified rectangular objects" in the soles of the shoes. So they took the soles off the shoes and found wrapped, clear bags shaped to match the shoes. That tested positive for heroin, CBSA said. 

RCMP officers then followed the package's delivery and arrested two people from Toronto, ages 25 and 34, with importation of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy. 

The shoes were in a box shipped from Pakistan and were surrounded by other clothes, the CBSA said. (Canada Border Services Agency)