Best of digital Hamilton, May 23

The best of your blogs and tweets today.
Even the swans weren't too lively this morning at Bayfront Park. (Roger Gillespie)

Raise the Hammer

In its continuing first-rate look at walkable streets, Raise the Hammer today talks about downtown Hamilton's network of one-way streets. Editor Ryan McGreal recounts meeting yet another lost soul on the streets of downtown Hamilton and his attempt to get them back on track. Worth a read.

Eat Hamilton

Eat Hamilton, a local food blog highlighting the hidden food gems around Hamilton, has just overhauled its site navigation making it easier to use. You might want to have a look.

Invest in Hamilton

In its latest post, the Economic Development department says the opening May 16 of a big new grocery store in the east end was in large measure because of the Red Hill Valley Parkway. The department says the new road has led to more than $500 million in east Hamilton development.

This Must be the Place

And before the long weekend is just a fond and faded memory take a quick trip back to an awesome Caribbean food weekend at the blog, This must be the Place.