Audio Interview: Iris Keizer remembers her grandson Noah

Click on this audio interview to hear Iris talk about what kind of boy her two-year-old grandson was.
Noah Keizer and his mom, Nicole Agnew. (Courtesy)

Iris Keizer will always remember her grandson as a kind and gentle little boy.

"He wouldn't hurt nobody," Keizer said. "He always showed the gentle side, the loving side, the hugs, the kisses."

Noah Keizer was buried Thursday at ceremony in Stoney Creek. He died last Friday.

Greg Dalley, 25, has been charged with second-degree murder. Police say Noah was in Dalley's care Friday.

Police have not released the cause of death.

Keizer says Noah was a very shy kid, until he got to know you. He loved reading, and had a really vivid imagination.

Often he would put on his Grandmother's crossing guard uniform and blow her whistle, saying he was "going to work."

"I used to have to hide my work stuff," Keizer remembers fondly. "He had a good life going for him."

She remembers her grandson on his first Fisher-Price bike, a present from his great grandfather, her father. He hadn't yet gotten the training wheels off.

He'd sit on the bike facing the wrong way sometimes, his grandmother laughing at her little grandson.

"He was a funny little man," she said, adding that's how people should remember him.

"As a happy go lucky little boy. That's how I'm going to remember him."

How to help

Family friend Joanna Hamen has been trying to raise money to help the Keizer family, but it's been slow going so far.

"We only raised another five dollars yesterday," she told CBC Hamilton Thursday. Up to that point, only $50 had been donated to the family.

Hamen has taken it upon herself to raise as much money as she can to help the Keizers. You can make donations on her website, here.