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Cash grab or necessity? Ontarians sound off on photo radar

Doug Ford's government asked Ontarians what they thought about bringing back photo radar — and while many angrily called it a "cash grab," twice as many were in favour of using cameras to automatically ticket speeding drivers.

'A floating jailhouse': The search for answers as coronavirus cruise ship quarantine continues

Diana and Allan Chow just wanted to enjoy a luxury cruise vacation. Instead, the Toronto couple is stuck in their cabin docked off the coast of Japan, seeking answers on a massive floating quarantine site.

Defence questions undercover officer's memory at Kalen Schlatter murder trial

Kalen Schlatter's defence lawyer attempted to sow seeds of doubt about the memory of a key Crown witness in court Friday as Schlatter's first-degree murder trial in the death of Toronto woman Tess Richey continues.

Kalen Schlatter confided in undercover cop, Tess Richey murder trial hears

Accused killer Kalen Schlatter spent hours talking with an undercover police officer about his prowess with women and the case against him right after his arrest, court heard Wednesday as Schlatter's first-degree murder trial in the death of Toronto woman Tess Richey continues.

Kalen Schlatter breaks down in court as images of Tess Richey's body shown at murder trial

The man accused of strangling Tess Richey broke down in court Tuesday as images of her body lying limp at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell in Toronto's Gay Village were shown for the first time at his trial.

Tess Richey never showed up for Uber ride on night she died, murder trial hears

Kalen Schlatter has been charged with first-degree murder in Richey's death. His trial entered its third day Monday.

Shock, horror and disbelief: Murder trial witness describes finding Tess Richey's body

Ann Brazeau was part of a makeshift search party on Nov. 29, 2017 when she made a haunting discovery.

Kalen Schlatter's DNA found on Tess Richey's clothing, murder trial hears

More than two years after her body was found lying in an outdoor stairwell in Toronto's gay village, the first-degree murder trial of the man accused of killing Tess Richey began Thursday.

Inside the house that SARS built: How outbreak helped prepare Toronto hospital for coronavirus

As Canada grapples with its first cases of a new strain of coronavirus that has infected thousands of people in China, officials at one Toronto-area hospital say it is well prepared to deal with the prospect of an outbreak.

Ryerson University terminates agreement with student union

Ryerson University announced Friday it has terminated its operating agreement with its student union, leaving one of Canada's largest universities without a student government.

Former TTC CEO Andy Byford resigns as New York City subway chief

Former TTC CEO Andy Byford has stepped down as the head of New York City’s bus and subway agency after two years on the job.

E-learning is no boogeyman, but would be costly to implement properly, expert says

Online learning isn't the massive problem that Ontario's embattled teachers unions are making it out to be, according to a leading expert in the field — but he says to properly implement it across the province would likely prove very costly.

Man charged with 1st-degree murder in Scarborough shooting

A Toronto man is facing a charge of first-degree murder in connection with the death of a man who was shot outside a residential building in Scarborough in late December.

Maple Leaf Gardens sex offender Gordon Stuckless now out on parole

Convicted sex offender Gordon Stuckless, infamous for the Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse scandal, is now out on day parole.

Gulf widens in 'standoff' between province, teachers' unions

After weeks of rotating strikes and the promise of more on the horizon, Ontario’s largest teachers’ unions remain deadlocked in a labour impasse with the province that just keeps escalating.