3 new Ontario songs you need to hear this week

Check out great new tracks from The Zilis, Brock Zeman and Benjamin.

Check out great new tracks from The Zilis, Brock Zeman and Benjamin

Check out some great new tunes from The Zilis, Brock Zeman and Benjamin.

With nothing but rain in the forecast, you might be stuck inside this Saturday — but if you are, don't let it be without some new tunes.

CBC Hamilton reporter Adam Carter has your listening needs covered with these new tracks from The Zilis, Brock Zeman and Benjamin as part of his weekly spot from In the Key of C on CBC Radio 1.

You can listen to Adam and host Craig Norris talk these picks in the player above, and listen to the tracks right here.

The Zilis: The Way Love Goes

Sometimes, you're just in the mood for the lament of a mid-tempo ballad.

Hamilton's the Zilis provide just that on The Way Love Goes. From the soft, mournful vocals to the wail of a saxophone in the back of the mix — this tune has just what you need if you need to feel sad for a little bit.

Brock Zeman: Sweat

Perth's Brock Zeman is channeling both parts Tom Waits and Tom Wilson on Sweat, from his new album Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back.

Zeman's work is a little more up tempo, but he's definitely taking some cues from both of his guttural forefathers.

Benjamin: Dragon of Smoke

Lo-fi acoustic fans, Other Songs Music just keeps churning out something for you.

This track from Burlington's Benjamin has a lilting melody darting in and out of its sparse acoustic guitar progression. We know he's pushing for a niche here — but wouldn't some drums sound solid underneath that chorus?

Thanks for listening this week. You can hear Adam during In the Key of C every Saturday evening at 5 p.m. on CBC Radio. In the Key of C can be heard across the province, except for the GTA. Hamilton listeners can hear this segment in the audio player above.

Are you in an Ontario band and would like to be featured on this program? Send your stuff to adam.carter@cbc.ca for consideration — and like In the Key of C on Facebook.


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