2 options for taking on ISIS and they're both bad: Top Stories

These are a couple of our top stories worth your time today.

Here are some of the top stories from Hamilton and beyond

The CBC's Neil Macdonald lays out what he says are the only two, equally bad, options for taking on ISIS and watch live coverage from Europe as police in Belgium conduct raids looking for suspects. These are a couple of our top stories worth your time today.


Hamilton responds to terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and beyond

On Saturday night, Hamilton City Hall lit up in blue, white and red in solidarity with Paris after violent attacks in the French capital on Friday killed 129 people and wounded many more.

"We are saddened by this heartbreaking news," came a statement from Mayor Fred Eisenberger. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by last night's tragedy in Paris."

Hamilton prepares for influx of Syrian refugees

There's no question that Hamilton will get some of the new influx of Syrian refugees. The only question is how many. Now Hamilton's mayor is calling various people together to figure out how we should prepare.

Fred Eisenberger said he expects at least a small portion of the 25,000 Syrian refugees the new Liberal government has pledged to accept will come to Hamilton.


LIVE: 'We are at war,' French PM says as police stage dozens of raids

French police raided 168 locations overnight as authorities released the names of two more potential suicide bombers involved in the Paris attacks— one born in Syria, the other a Frenchman wanted as part of a terrorism investigation.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday that 104 people have been placed under house arrest in the past 48 hours.

Neil Macdonald: Only 2 equally bad options for taking on ISIS

Last February, after ISIS burned a Jordanian fighter pilot alive in a cage, then uploaded video of his last frantic agonies onto the internet, King Abdullah of Jordan made some ferocious threats.

He actually sounded just like French President François Hollande, who is now promising a "merciless" war to destroy the barbarians after the outrage in Paris on Friday.


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