Annual Haudenosaunee deer hunt in Dundas Valley starts next week

The Haudenosaunee deer hunt in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area starts on Monday. It will run until Dec. 5.

Deer harvesting dates back thousands of years

The amount of deer to be harvested is limited at 60. (iStock)

The annual Haudenosaunee deer hunt in Dundas Valley Conservation Area starts next week. 

The hunt, which happens by bow, will run from Nov. 11 to Dec. 5. 

The number of harvested deer is limited to 60 total. According to the Hamilton Conservation Authority's director of conservation area services, Gord Costie, the previous two years have both had a harvest of 15 deer. 

Hunting days will be Monday to Thursday, inclusive. Meat from the hunted deer will go to longhouses for ceremonies, to elders, and to feed hunters' families. 

Signs will be posted at the conservation area to notify visitors, and notices have been delivered to nearby residents. 

Deer harvesting in the Dundas Valley is part of the HCA and Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority's 2011 agreement. The agreement outlines protocol, which allows hunting of a set number of deer in parts of the Dundas Valley. 

In a joint media release, the Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority and the HCA say that deer harvesting has been a "long-standing tradition of the Haudenosaunee dating back thousands of years." 

The Nanfan Treaty or the Treaty at Albany of 1701 gives the Haudenosaunee the right to harvest and fish in the area of Dundas Valley. 

This is the hunt's ninth season. 

Harvest areas 

It will happen across two areas in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, totalling 750 acres of land. 

One area, schedule A, includes land between Paddy Greene Road and Martin Road, Powerline Road and Jerseyville Road W. 

The other area, schedule B, is a stretch along the railway around Weir's Lane and Governors Road, which has no trail system or public access. 

Deer harvesting will take place in two areas of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. (Hamilton Conservation Authority)
Deer harvesting will be conducted in two areas. The above area, schedule B, does not have public access or a trail system. (Hamilton Conservation Authority )