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Flamborough–Glanbrook is a new provincial riding in Hamilton. Here's a look at the riding and the candidates vying for a spot at Queen's Park.

Who will voters choose to represent the new Hamilton riding

(Elections Ontario)

Description: Flamborough–Glanbrook is a new riding that stretches from the Milton border and wraps around urban Hamilton to upper Stoney Creek in the shape of a horseshoe. It incorporates the rural areas of the city but also some fast growing suburbs.

The riding was formed from parts of the former riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, Niagara West-Glanbook and Hamilton Mountain.

As a new riding, there is no incumbent.

Population: 111,070 (based on 2016 census data). 

What to watch: The race features two city councillors fighting for the seat. Donna Skelly, who represents Ward 7 and Judi Partridge, who represents Ward 15. The area has in recent years supported conservatives at the federal level.

Meet the candidates: 

Judi Partridge: Liberal 

Occupation: City councillor

Judi Partridge (Liberal Party of Ontario)

"Judi's is known as the "go to person who gets things done."

Donna Skelly: PC

Occupation: City councillor

Donna Skelly (City of Hamilton)

"The Ontario PC party under Doug Ford will ensure Ontario gets back on track and is open for business once again."

Melissa McGlashan: NDP 

Occupation: Scientific pharmaceutical field

Melissa McGlashan (Facebook)

"Voters in Flamborough Glanbrook have been clear. They are looking for change. We are offering positive change. The kind of change that means good schools for your kids, healthcare when you need it, more affordable hydro, and support for families."

Janet Errygers​: Green Party

Occupation: Pharmaceutical industry

Janet Errygers (Green Party of Ontario)

"She has lived most of her life in Flamborough and is a strong advocate for the Green Belt and conservation system. She is highly progressive and motivated to make a positive impact on Canadian politics, and aims to have a long career as a politician."

Rudy Miller: None of the Above Party

Roman Sarachman: Trillium Party of Ontario

Glenn Langton: Ontario Libertarian Party