Hamilton police arrest 3 people in connection to events at J.C. Beemer park

A member and supporter of Hamilton Encampment Support Network was arrested at Beasley Park on Friday, CBC News has learned.

Arrests come days after police and protesters clashed during encampment eviction

Sarah Jama, co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, and supporter of Hamilton Encampment Support Network was arrested around noon, Sabriena Dahab told CBC News. (CBC)

At least three supporters of the Hamilton Encampment Support Network (HESN) were arrested Friday, CBC News has learned, days after protesters and police clashed over encampment evictions at J.C. Beemer park. 

Sarah Jama — co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario — was arrested around noon at Beasley Park, HESN member Sabriena Dahab told CBC News.

"A few of the network supporters showed up at Beasley Park where another teardown is underway," Dahab said.

"Supporter Sarah Jama was approached by cops and has been arrested."

Dahab said supporters then gathered outside Hamilton Central police station, where they believed Jama had been taken. She was later released, Dahab said, meanwhile, several others were arrested, she said.

"It was violent," Dahab said. "I saw them put their knee on my friend's neck... We will not accept this treatment of Black youth. This is not how you build trust." 

Dahab said the group's lawyer has been contacted.

Three additional people facing charges

Hamilton police said in a release Friday afternoon that three additional people had been arrested in connection to events that took place earlier this week at J.C. Beemer park.

As a result of their investigation, three people face charges, including a 27-year-old female, a 24-year-old female and a 20-year-old male, charged with obstruction of police, and assault and obstruction of police. 

Dozens of officers were at J.C. Beemer Park throughout the day Wednesday as bylaw officers moved to evict those who had been staying there.

Protesters with the HESN who tried to stop the evictions clashed with police and two people were arrested then — a 33-year-old man charged with obstructing police and a 27-year-old woman charged with assaulting a police officer.

When asked about the use of what appeared to be physical tactics by police on Wednesday, police said in an email that "a shoulder pin may be used to affect an arrest and is taught at the Ontario Police College." 

However, "all use of force techniques must be continually assessed," they said.