Puppies on the loose have been reunited with owners

Two black lab puppies are now back with their owner after being seen running down a north-end roadway on Sunday.

The lab puppies were seen running loose down the roadway in the north end of the city Sunday

Hamilton police are trying to find the home of two black Labrador Retriever puppies after they were seen loose, running down the roadway in the north end of the city. (Courtesy of Sarah Burtenshaw)

Two black Labrador retriever puppies are now back with their owners after making a run for it down the roadway in the north end of the city on Sunday.

The runaway puppies were claimed by their owner on Sunday says animal services supervisor, Brad Potts.

"It's a good news story. They're home with their owners, they're licensed and the owners are happy," said Potts.

It's unknown how the puppies made their escape before they were caught running down the street.

Hamilton police were part of the team to rescue the canines. 

Police say two members of the Hamilton Police Service's Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team were patrolling the streets Sunday morning when they saw a man and woman suddenly jump out of their car and start running.

Police realized the pair were chasing two puppies that were loose, running down the roadway.

"They first observed the male and female bail out of the vehicle so at first they didn't realize that the couple were chasing puppies that were loose on the roadway," said acting Staff Sgt. Laura Wiltshire. "They thought they were bailing out for something else."

Together with the help of police, the man and woman were able to capture the puppies.

They were brought to animal control before they were claimed by owners.