Want to live in the home owned by Hamilton mobster Pat Musitano? It's up for sale

The home of Hamilton mobster, Pat Musitano, is up for sale. And despite your curiosity, this single-family home won't have an open house.

Realtor 'does not know' the Musitano family's plans

The home of Pat Musitano is up for sale for $699,000. Realtor.ca is listing the residence as having "character and charm." (Realtor.ca)

Realtor.ca calls it a "dream home." 

And for fans of Hamilton's mafia history, it very well might be. But for some, the home of a Hamilton mobster might be a little too macabre.  

The two-and-half storey, single-family home of the infamous Pat Musitano is now for sale, with a price tag of $699,900. 

The listing for 206 St. Clair Boulevard touts this big home's features, including four bedrooms, two bathrooms, three parking spaces, and "character and charm" to boot. Realtor.ca also gives it a "great" rating for the surrounding elementary schools and day cares. 

Other highlights include hardwood floors, cherry cabinets in the kitchen, granite countertops, central air, and a pair of decorative fireplaces. The "super sized" shed out back is even hooked up to hydro. 

But the home's link to crime could make families think twice before jumping in on any moving plans.  

Bullets were fired into the front windows of the St. Clair residence back in 2017. (Adam Carter/CBC)

In 2015, police were called to the street for a vehicle that was set on fire, which caused $60,000 in damages. Two years later, shots were fired into the Musitano home, with three bullet holes visible through the front windows. And earlier this summer, the home was the site of a strange car crash, with men fleeing the scene and shedding clothing and a mask. 

The Musitano crime family has been involved in several attacks as violence linked to organize crime has surged in Hamilton. In 2017, Angelo, Musitano's brother, was shot at killed at his home in Waterdown.  And Pat Musitano himself recently survived being shot multiple times in Mississauga outside of his lawyer's office. 

There will be no open house, says realtor Ann Cosens. (Realtor.ca)

Perhaps in an effort to quash the intentions of any potential tourists, realtor Ann Cosens, said that there will not be an open house. Any prospective buyers will have to make an appointment to view the home. 

When asked if the Musitano family had made other arrangements and whether the house would be available for move-in straight away, Cosens would only say that the owners are flexible. 

"I honestly don't know what their plans are," she said. "They've told me they can accommodate whatever anyone's looking for." 

Only time will tell whether people can resist the lure of a tree-lined boulevard, California shutters and a history of bullet holes. 


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