Firefighter seriously injured during Albion Falls rescue released from hospital

The Hamilton Fire Department says a firefighter who was seriously injured, after he fell from a ledge while trying to rescue a group of hikers, is out of the hospital.

3 hikers are charged with being in a prohibited area

The Hamilton Fire Department shared this photo of a tribute to an injured firefighter during Saturday's Ticats game. (Hamilton Fire Department/Twitter)

The Hamilton Fire Department says a firefighter who was seriously injured, after he fell from a ledge while trying to rescue a group of hikers, is out of the hospital.

A photo posted to Twitter shows a collage of images of the firefighter that was displayed on the big screen at Tim Hortons Field during Saturday's Ticats game against the BC Lions.

"Get well soon Charlie!" it reads.

The department described the gesture as a "wonderful tribute" on Twitter.

"We are happy to report that he has been released from hospital and is recuperating at home with his family," the social media post adds. "Thank you to all for your best wishes."

In an email to CBC News the department said no further details would be released about their employee or his condition.

The firefighter was hurt on the night of July 31 while searching for a group of hikers who had left the marked trail at Albion Falls — a waterfall that's popular with outdoor enthusiasts and selfie-seekers alike.

He lost his footing and fell over the edge, plummeting approximately five to six metres before hitting the ground, according to Fire Chief Dave Cunliffe.

Fire crews ended up rescuing their own colleague using a rope system.

He was transported to hospital with multiple injuries, including to his head and face, said the chief, adding the firefighter was wearing a climbing helmet when he fell, which may have helped him.

A Hamilton firefighter fell off a ledge while rescuing hikers at Albion Falls. His coworkers performed a rope rescue to bring him up to street level. (Jeremy Cohn )

The trails tracing the escarpment cliffs and gorges that surround Hamilton have been the site of numerous rope rescues in years past as hikers wander from the path and find themselves in danger.

Cunliffe said the firefighter's fall would not have happened if the hikers had stayed on the path.

"These types of situations are absolutely preventable and people need to adhere to the signage and the protection that's being put in place," he said at the time.

Three hikers who were involved in the incident have been charged with being in a prohibited area.

with files from Christine Rankin