Here's the final list of who's running for mayor and council in Hamilton this year

Aug. 19 was the last day for candidates to register for this year's municipal elections. Here's the full list.

Nine candidates for mayor registered to replace outgoing Mayor Fred Eisenberger

Hamilton has nine candidates for mayor, over 80 candidates for councillor and over 50 candidates for school board trustees. (John Rieti/CBC)

Aug. 19 was the last day for candidates to file their nominations at city hall for the upcoming municipal election, which are taking place on Oct. 24.

The list has changed a lot since CBC first reported it back in May.

Both veteran politicians and newcomers are putting their name forward for your votes. 

Nine candidates for mayor

Nine candidates are in the running to take current Mayor Fred Eisenberger's place. He said in June that he won't seek re-election.

The registered candidates in alphabetical order are: 

  • Bob Bratina: Former mayor, Liberal MP and Ward 2 councillor.

  • Ejaz Butt: Veteran taxi industry leader and immigrant from Pakistan.

  • Jim Davis.

  • Paul Fromm: self-described white nationalist whose groups have intervened in human rights cases on behalf of websites that promote Holocaust denial and homophobia.

  • Solomon Ikhuiwu: a pastor, youth soccer coach and participant in the convoy in Ottawa earlier this year. He described himself to CBC as a conservative voice, a Black person with a young family and a Christian, representing people that "feel marginalized as the established political machinery forges ahead speaking tolerance, but rolling out agendas opposed to their words." 

  • Hermiz Ishaya.

  • Andrea Horwath: Former Ontario NDP leader and Hamilton city councillor.

  • Keanin Loomis: Former president and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

  • Michael Pattison.

Over 80 candidates for city councillor

The list of candidates for city councillor has grown exponentially from the last time CBC Hamilton listed their names.

Ward 4 is still Hamilton's most crowded space, with 11 candidates. Ward 5 and 12 followed closely with nine and eight candidates for councillor, respectively. 

Councillors Sam Merulla (Ward 4), Russ Powers (Ward 5), Brenda Johnson (Ward 11), Lloyd Ferguson (Ward 12), Terry Whitehead (Ward 14) and Judi Partridge (Ward 15) are not seeking re-election. 

Other notable recent announcements have come from former councillor and NDP MP Scott Duvall, joining the race in Ward 7, former Liberal MPP Ted McMeekin running in Ward 15 and prominent environmental advocate and executive director of Environment Hamilton Lynda Lukasik, for Ward 5 councillor. 

Candidates so far are: 

  • Ward 1: Ian MacPherson, John Vail and Maureen Wilson (incumbent).

  • Ward 2: Shahan Aaron, Jason Farr (incumbent), Robin McKee, Cameron Kroetsch and Raquel Rakovac.

  • Ward 3: Laura Farr, Walter Furlan, Stan Kruchka, and Nrinder Nann (incumbent).

  • Ward 4: Maxwell Francis, Angelica Hasbon, Tammy Hwang, Alex Johnstone, Cindy Louise Kennedy, Pascale Marchand, Adam Oldfield, Robert Paris, Laura Taylor, Eric James Tuck, and Mary Louise Williams.

  • Ward 5: Sebastian Aldea, Krysta Boyer, Matt Francis,  Kevin Geenen, Stan Habza, Bob Hurst, Ryan Ladner, Lynda Lukasik, Gordon Noble, Angela Pugliese and George Rusich.

  • Ward 6: Tom Jackson (incumbent), Dan Preston, Donna Puddu, Chris Slye and Stefan Spolnik.

  • Ward 7: Scott Duvall and Esther Pauls (incumbent).

  • Ward 8: Sonia Brown, Joshua Czerniga, John-Paul Danko (incumbent), Anthony Frisina, and Daniel Veltri.

  • Ward 9: Brad Clark (incumbent), Walt Juchniewicz, Muhammad Naeem, and Peter Lanza.

  • Ward 10: Jeff Beattie, Louie Milojevic and Maria Pearson (incumbent).

  • Ward 11: Nicholas Lauwers, Mark Tadeson, Nick Pellegrino and Terri Moffett.

  • Ward 12: Chuck Alkerton, Robert Baboth, Craig Cassar, Richard Deverson, Karl Hanley, William Robert Hume, Megg Markettos, Robert Maton, Pamela Mitchell and Cindy Kaye.

  • Ward 13: Alex Wilson and Arlene VanderBeek (incumbent).

  • Ward 14: Kojo Damptey, Brian Lewis, Christopher Poole, Don Ross, Christine Seketa, Michael Spadafora and Colleen Wicken. 

  • Ward 15: Zobia Jawed, Robert Kunysz, Chris Pera, Ted McMeekin and Sumaira Waqar.

School board trustees

Over 50 candidates filed their names for school board trustees.

  • Ward 1: Graeme Noble, Cameron Prosic, Wendy Thrasher and  Elizabeth Wong (incumbent).
  • Ward 2: Sabreina Dahab, Tarek Jalbout, Michael Peters and Andrew Smyth. 

  • Ward 3: Larry Pattison, Fatima Baig and Maria Felix Miller (incumbent). 

  • Ward 4: Shane Cunningham Boles, Ray Mulholland (incumbent) and Davin Thornborrow.

  • Ward 5 and 10: Zahid Butt, Marie Marica Jackson, Nancy Silva Khan, Joseph Szigeti and Todd White. 

  • Ward 6 and 9: Kathy Archer (incumbent) and Jay Edington.

  • Ward 7: Amy Cowling, Dawn Danko (incumbent) and Ryan Weinberger.

  • Ward 8 and 14: Behrouz Bakhtiari, Becky Buck (incumbent), Ben O'Reilly and Ahona Mehdi.

  • Ward 11 and 12: Amanda Fehrman and Tom Patterson.

  • Ward 13: Larry Masters and Paul Tut (incumbent).

  • Ward 15: Syed Banoori, Catherine Kronas, Graeme Noble and Rajbir Karan Verma.

Candidates for English separate school board trustees:

  • Ward 1, 2 and 15: Mark Valvasori (acclaimed).

  • Ward 3 and 4: Ralph Agostino and Josie Angelini. 

  • Ward 5: Aldo D'Intino (incumbent) and Lucas Mascotto-Carbone.

  • Ward 6: Ellen Agostino, Peter Mamer and Anthony Mari.

  • Ward 7: Nick Agostino, Michael Di Giacomo and Patrick John Daly (incumbent).

  • Ward 8 and 14: Francesco Capisciolto, Wieslawa Chrapka, John Valvasori.

  • Ward 9 and 11:  Louis Agro, Jeanie Corner and Tyler Iorio.

  • Ward 10: Andrea Di Nicola and Mary Angela Nardini.

  • Ward 12 and 13: Phil Homerski and Ricky Tavares.

Marcel Levesque and Joseph Gosselin applied to the Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir while Pierre Gregory was acclaimed as the conseil scolaire Viamonde.


Aura Carreño Rosas

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