Toronto-bound Porter flight makes emergency landing in Hamilton

A plane flying from Montreal to Toronto experienced a hydraulic issue and had to make an emergency landing in Hamilton that caused several of its tires to pop.

'There are no reported injuries,' according to the airport

A Porter flight has made an emergency landing in Hamilton. (CBC)

A passenger plane flying from Montreal to Toronto experienced a hydraulic issue and had to make an emergency landing in Hamilton that caused several of its tires to burst.

In a tweet posted shortly after 11 a..m. John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport said Porter flight PD458 had touched down following an issue.

"As the flight landed, Hamilton International Airport fire responded and there are no reported injuries," reads the tweet. "Runway 12-30 is currently closed."

Massive amounts of smoke

Warren Paisley, general manager for Glanford Aviation, a ground handling service at the airport, said he was sitting in a meeting when a fast-moving plane caught his eye out the window.

It was pretty wild.- Warren Paisley, Glanford Aviation

He watched the plane, which was coming in at a "high rate of speed" touch down.

At that point "there were massive amounts of smoke," he said, adding the amount was "very, very abnormal" compared to the puff tire of smoke typically seen during a landing.

"It was pretty wild."

Passengers being transported to Toronto

The flight was scheduled to take off in Montreal at 9:10 a.m. and land in Toronto at 10:30 a.m. 

search of the flight's tracking number on Porter's website lists its status as diverted to Hamilton.

In a statement to CBC News, a spokesperson for Porter Airlines said all 58 passengers and four crew members who were aboard at the time of the landing were "safe and uninjured."

Paisley, who has worked at the airport for 28 years, described the landing as unusual, but said based on his knowledge, a hydraulic issue makes sense as an explanation.

Still, given the speed of the plane, the fact no one was injured is a "success story for sure."

Airport still open

Some of the plane's tires burst during the landing and it stopped on the runway, according to Porter.

The passengers were taken by bus to the terminal and then on to Toronto.

"Some tires must be changed prior to towing the aircraft from the runway," stated the airline.

Around 1:15 p.m. the airport said all passengers and crew had deplaned and left.

Runway 12-30 remains closed, but the airport itself is still open and passenger operations have not been affected


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