Horwath steps down as NDP leader as party loses Hamilton East-Stoney Creek to PCs

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives have cruised to a second majority. While retaining her seat in Hamilton Centre, New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath announced that she would step down from the leadership role.

Progressive Conservatives win 2nd majority government in Ontario

Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Andrea Horwath speaks during her provincial election night watch party at the Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada June 2, 2022. (Nick Iwanyshyn/Reuters)

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives have cruised to a second majority government in Ontario. 

While retaining her seat in Hamilton Centre, New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath announced that she would step down from the leadership role in a speech around 10:30 p.m. 

The party lost the Hamilton East-Stoney Creek riding to the Progressive Conservatives, following concerted efforts by the PCs across the province to win over unions and workers, long the NDP's base.

"It's time for me to pass the baton; to pass the torch," said Horwath in her concession speech, at times fighting through tears. "It makes me sad, but it makes me happy because our team is so strong right now."

She said the party has grown under her leadership.

"We have built a party that is stronger and more ready to govern than ever before," she said, from the NDP's election-night event at the Hamilton Convention Centre. "We didn't get there this time. Just know that we will continue to be the powerful champions people need us to be."

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath announces her resignation

2 months ago
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The Hamilton politician, who won re-election on Thursday, was emotional after failing to become Ontario's premier in her fourth attempt

NDP Tom Parkin told CBC News on Thursday night that an interim leader could be chosen in a "matter of days."

He said the new party leader could be selected as soon as next spring: "These things do take time."

Former CFL player Neil Lumsden was the PC's winning candidate in the hotly-contested Hamilton East-Stoney Creek riding. It was previously held by Paul Miller, who ran as an independent, and was also being contested by city councillor Jason Farr for the Liberal Party. Miller was ousted from the New Democratic Party in March and replaced with candidate Zaigham Butt.

Lumsden walked into his campaign office in Stoney Creek to an applause from a room of some 20 people.

The PC's Neil Lumsden spoke to supporters in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek after he was projected to win the riding on June 2, 2022. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

"Like most things, you don't dwell on what you've won, you get ready to do something more," he said in an emotional speech. He later walked around the room, saying, "oh my God," as he soaked in the moment.

Lumsden previously competed in the reality TV show, The Amazing Race, and told reporters this campaign was another one. To those who didn't vote for him, Lumsden said he'll show them he's the right candidate through his actions as MPP. Lumsden said he'll pass off his business, Locker City Sports, to ensure there's no conflict of interest.

For Miller, who earned 2,411 votes compared to 22,518 in 2018, it wasn't his "best night ever," he said. Miller has represented the riding for 15 years.

He told CBC Hamilton late Thursday night it had been a hard campaign without the resources that come with a political party, and congratulated Lumsden on his win.

He said his next steps will be taking a break, but didn't rule out a return to politics in some form after that.

"You never know, I may crop up again somewhere," he said.

NDP incumbents Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain), Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas), Jennie Stephens (St. Catharines) and Wayne Gates (Niagara Falls) all won their ridings.

Shaw was also at the Hamilton Convention Centre on Thursday night.

"It is a momentous evening and I'm really happy to be here with my kids and grandkids," she told CBC Hamilton.

Shaw said she'll continue to be focused on the environment, pointing to Cootes Paradise and ensuring there is a provincial palliative care strategy.

Asked about Horwath's announcement, Shaw said she's enormously proud of her and said she's looking forward to seeing what's next for her.

"Anybody that comes after her has some pretty big shoes to fill," Shaw said.

"She has put her heart and soul into protecting the people of Ontario. She's a Hamilton girl, what you see is what you get."

Sandy Shaw was projected to be re-elected for the NDP in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas on June 2, 2022. (Bobby Hristova/CBC )

CBC projected that PC candidate Donna Skelly won re-election in Flamborough-Glanbrook, while her colleague Natalie Pierre took Burlington. Sam Oosterhoff will represent the party once again for Niagara West. Will Bouma won a seat for the PCs in Brantford-Brant.

Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger congratulated Ford's new government on Twitter following the victory.

"I look forward to continuing to work with you on #HamOnt priorities; continuing to build the LRT & other green transit projects, affordable & supportive housing, and building a stronger & inclusive post-pandemic economy," he wrote. He also thanked Horwath for 13 years of public service as leader of the official opposition.

Another Conservative government, however, calls into question Hamilton's decision to maintain a firm urban boundary, which residents overwhelmingly supported in an attempt to reduce sprawl. Ford's government had previously signalled it would override the decision in favour of building more housing.

Local results

Riding-by-riding results for Hamilton, Niagara, Brant, Burlington and Haldimand-Norfolk ridings have been updated here. For the most up-to-date results, visit CBC's Ontario election dashboard.

Burlington (73 / 89 polls reporting)

  • Natalie Pierre, PC Party of Ontario - 41.8%
  • Andrew Drummond, Ontario NDP - 18.2%
  • Mariam Manaa, Ontario Liberal Party - 28.9%
  • Kyle Hutton, Green Party of Ontario - 7%
  • Allison McKenzie, New Blue - 2.7%
  • Sebastian Aldea, Ontario Party - 1.4%

Flamborough-Glanbrook (55 / 55 polls reporting)

  • Donna Skelly, PC Party of Ontario - 46.2%
  • Allison Cillis, Ontario NDP - 22.7%
  • Melisse Willems, Ontario Liberal Party - 20.4%
  • Mario Portak, Green Party of Ontario - 5.4%
  • Paul Simoes, New Blue - 3.4%
  • Walt Juchniewicz, New Blue - 1.6%
  • Nikita Mahood, Populist Party Ontario - 0.2%

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas (83 / 83 polls reporting)

  • Fred Bennick, PC Party of Ontario - 32.7%
  • Syam Chandra, Green Party of Ontario - 5.3%
  • Shubha Sandill, Ontario Liberal Party - 16.2%
  • Sandy Shaw, Ontario NDP - 42.4%
  • Frank Thiessen, Ontario Party - 1%
  • Lee Weiss, New Blue - 2%

Hamilton Centre (53 / 53 polls reporting)

  • Sarah Bokhari, PC Party of Ontario - 16.5%
  • Nigel Cheriyan, Communist - 0.8%
  • Sandy Crawley, Green Party of Ontario - 8.8%
  • Ekaterini Dimakis, Ontario Liberal Party - 12.5%
  • Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP - 57.3%
  • Brad Peace, Ontario Party - 1.5%
  • Nathalie Xian Yi Yan, Independent - 0.5%
  • John Chroust, New Blue - 1.7%

Hamilton Mountain (38 / 38 polls reporting)

  • Andy Busa, Ontario Party - 1.7%
  • Janet Errygers, Green Party of Ontario - 5.6%
  • Chantale Lachance, Ontario Liberal Party - 15.5%
  • Baylee Nguyen, New Blue - 2.3%
  • Mike Spadafora, PC Party of Ontario - 29.9%
  • Monique Taylor, Ontario NDP - 45%

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek (44 / 44 polls reporting)

  • Zaigham Butt, NDP - 27.3%
  • Domenic DiLuca, Ontario Party - 3%
  • Jason Farr, Ontario Liberal Party - 21.1%
  • Neil Lumsden, PC Party of Ontario - 34.6%
  • Paul Miller, Independent - 6.9%
  • Cameron Rajewski, Electoral Reform Party - 0.2%
  • Jeffery Raulino, New Blue - 2.0%
  • Cassie Wylie, Green Party of Ontario - 4.9%

St. Catharines (58 / 58 polls reporting)

  • Jennie Stevens, Ontario NDP - 39.7%
  • Sal Sorrento, PC Party of Ontario - 34.4%
  • Ryan Madill, Ontario Liberal Party - 16.6%
  • Michele Braniff, Green Party of Ontario - 4.1%
  • Keith McDonald, New Blue - 2.6%
  • Michael Goddard, Ontario Party - 1.4%
  • Judi Falardeau, Ontario Libertarian Party - 0.9%
  • J. Justin O'Donnell, Alliance - 0.1%
  • Rin Simon, Communist - 0.2%

Niagara West (68 / 68 polls reporting)

  • Sam Oosterhoff, PC Party of Ontario - 44.9%
  • Dave Augustyn, Ontario NDP - 20.7%
  • Doug Joyner, Ontario Liberal Party - 19.2%
  • Laura Garner, Green Party of Ontario - 6.5%
  • Chris Arnew, New Blue - 2.6%
  • Dan Dale, Ontario Party - 5.3%
  • Stefanos Karatopis, Ontario Libertarian Party - 0.6%
  • Jim Torma, Populist Party Ontario - 0.2%

Niagara Centre (66 / 66 polls reporting)

  • Jeff Burch, Ontario NDP - 39.7%
  • Fred Davies, PC Party of Ontario - 37.6%
  • Terry Flynn, Ontario Liberal Party - 13.3%
  • Michelle McArthur, Green Party of Ontario - 4.5%
  • Gary Dumelie, New Blue - 2.8%
  • Vincent Gircys, Ontario Party - 2.0%

Niagara Falls (78 / 78 polls reporting)

  • Wayne Gates, Ontario NDP  - 48.1%
  • Bob Gale, PC Party of Ontario - 36.5%
  • Ashley Waters, Ontario Liberal Party - 8.4%
  • Tommy Ward, Green Party of Ontario - 2.7%
  • Christine Lewis-Napolitano, New Blue - 2.8%
  • Wesley Kavanagh, Ontario Party - 1.3%
  • Devon St. Denis-Richard, None of the Above Party - 0.3%

Brantford-Brant (62 / 62 polls reporting)

  • Will Bouma, PC Party of Ontario - 44.2%
  • Harvey Bischof, Ontario NDP - 28.3%
  • Ruby Toor, Ontario Liberal Party - 13%
  • Karleigh Csordas, Green Party of Ontario - 6.8%
  • Tad Brudzinski, New Blue - 4.4%
  • Allan Wilson, Ontario Party - 1.4%
  • John Turmel, Independent - 0.3%
  • Leslie Bory, Canadians' Choice Party - 1.0%
  • Rob Ferguson, Ontario Libertarian Party - 0.6%

Haldimand-Norfolk (62 / 62 polls reporting)

  • Ken Hewitt, PC Party of Ontario - 30.5%
  • Sarah Lowe, Ontario NDP - 13.9%
  • Aziz Chouhdery, Ontario Liberal Party - 7.3%
  • Erik Coverdale, Green Party of Ontario - 4.1%
  • Nate Hawkins, New Blue - 3.2%
  • Sheldon Simpson, Ontario Party - 5.2%
  • Bobbi Ann Brady, Independent - 35.0%
  • George McMorrow, Independent - 0.2%
  • Thecla Ross, Freedom Party - 0.6%


Bobby Hristova is a journalist with CBC Hamilton. He reports on all issues, but has a knack for stories that hold people accountable, stories that focus on social issues and investigative journalism. He previously worked for the National Post and CityNews in Toronto. You can contact him at bobby.hristova@cbc.ca.

With files from Lorenda Reddekopp


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