Sadie, Wattie ... Steve? We asked how Hamilton's dogs get their names and you told us

After compiling lists of Hamilton's most popular dog names and breeds CBC Hamilton asked to hear from you about what you decided to call your furry friends and why. And boy, did you ever respond.

Behind every dog name is a story and many of you shared yours

Hamilton is home to dogs with all sorts of names, from the sweet to the simple. And there's a story behind every one. (CBC)

Hamilton is home to Sadies and Billies, Watties and Bellas and ... uh ... Steve?

After compiling lists of Hamilton's most popular dog names and breeds CBC Hamilton asked to hear from you about what you decided to call your furry friends and why. And boy, did you ever respond.

The reasons range from sweet to simple and there are plenty of unique monikers to make some dogs stand out.

Here's a look at just some the responses on social media. Check out the full list of comments here.


Wattie. (Christina Lin/Facebook)

Wattie was named by his previous owner, a little girl who developed allergies to her pet. "I'm not sure of her reason," said Christina Lin. "Perhaps because his sweetness 'lights up' everyone's heart!"

Nikita Blue (II)

Nikita Blue. (Carla Miotto Benedict/Facebook)

Known as Niki for short, Carla Miotto Benedict says this unique name was actually inspired by their first dog, the original Nikita Blue who has since passed away.  Nikita the second is the "the goofiest, most love able dog ever!" Benedict added.


Sadie. ( Michele Pongetti/Facebook)

Sometimes selecting a name is simple. Michele Pongetti said they chose Sadie from a list of popular pet names.


Bindi. (Taylor McDonald)

Taylor McDonald says Bindi is a rescue who used to go by a different name, "but we thought Bindi suited her little adventurous self a little better," she explained. "Bindi was named after Steve Irwin's daughter, and her name also translates to 'little girl.' We just love her!"

Tibone Bismarck

Tibone Bismarck. (Caroline Fell/Facebook)

This 15-month-old beauceron is named after a dog Caroline Fell said she loved growing up. "I knew I wanted my own Bismarck one day," she explained. "Tibone is the kennel name."


Marley. (Tamara Semenzow/Facebook)

Meet Marley. Despite the heartbreaking ending to a movie staring a pooch by the same name, Tamara Semenzow said the name fit!


Bella. (Brandy Lee Forde/Facebook)

Plenty of respondents shared photos of Bellas, both big and small. 

It seems fitting, considering it's top dog when it comes to names in the city.

Brandy Lee Forde said deciding what to call her Chihuahua was simple: "Bella, because she's beautiful."


Achilles. (Christina Lin/Facebook)

Achilles shares the name of a Greek hero because of his "obsession with nipping at heels as a pup," said Christina Lin, adding the title "still fits today ... because he's certainly my heart's biggest weakness!"


Billie. (Kerry McDonald Robinson/Facebook)

Believe it or not, Kerry McDonald Robinson says Billie started out as Tinkerbell. 

"Ummm...not great in a houseful of boys," she wrote on Facebook, along with a laughing emoji. "We changed it to something we hoped was close enough for her to answer to (she adjusted no problem)."


Steve. (Mark Carl/Facebook)

Mark Carl says when he found a stray dog he had no intention of keeping him, so they took it to the vet to check to see if the pooch had a microchip. The rest is history.

"They needed a name for the file so I said "I don't know... Steve?"

Here's a look at the list of Hamilton's most popular names:

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