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Dan Taekema is a reporter/editor with CBC Hamilton. Email: daniel.taekema@cbc.ca

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String of wheel thefts targeting trucks at GO stations extends along Lakeshore West route

Halton police are probing 21 incidents from attempted thefts and broken windows to 15 cases where all four wheels have been stolen.

Watch drivers treat neighbourhood stop signs as optional

Drivers speeding past stop signs, vehicles rolling through an intersection and even a couple of near misses are captured in a video one east Hamilton resident says he shot in just 24 minutes Monday.

Rash of thefts leaving pickups without wheels at Aldershot GO Station

Halton police say they're investigating a handful of thefts targeting the wheels of pickups parked at the Aldershot GO station.

What will the federal election hold for Hamilton? Here's your campaign primer

The election raises several interesting questions for the region. Will the NDP keep its grip on Hamilton Centre without longtime MP David Christopherson? Will Bob Bratina hold onto his seat even after alienating the steelworkers' union?

City searching for ways to make up $11.5M shortfall for projects at Piers 5-7

Phase 1 construction at Piers 5,6 and 7 is meant to build a boardwalk, new shoreline and fish habitat, but the city's West Harbour Development Sub-Committee heard Monday that the actual cost of turning the site into a public space is millions more than expected.

Check out the new floating garbage can sucking up trash in Hamilton Harbour

It's called a Seabin and in just 22 hours it swallowed a pair of plastic bottles, clumps of seaweed, a handful of cigarette butts and pieces of plastic.

'Thank you for your service': Tearful last call for slain EMS dispatcher Laura Grant

A final call for paramedic dispatcher Laura Grant echoed across the radio waves Friday.

Hundreds of baby turtles released into Cootes Paradise to help recovery

Over the past two weeks hundreds of turtles hatched in incubators have been set free, but this latest handful were extra special, because they were rescued from a nest on a construction site at McMaster University.

Own Your Throne: Hamilton spent $40K teaching people how to use the toilet

The Own Your Throne campaign plunges people into the fight against the "unflushables" that threaten the city's sewage lines and features a trio of clever characters with names that could leave a person flushed.

Parkview residents say pollution is making their neighbourhood uninhabitable

Banging, clanging and the shrieking sounds chunks of metal make as they're smashed together have left Hamilton's Parkview neighbourhood so rattled residents are refusing to stay quiet.

Family calling for inquest into teen's death at Brantford school for the blind

The family of a teen who who died at a provincially-run school for the blind in Brantford is calling for a coroner's inquest to uncover the "truth" of how he died, amid what they describe as "conflicting" reports.
Heroes of the Hammer

Meet 'Doc' Greenlee, the heart of McMaster G.S.A. softball for 52 seasons

James Greenlee has been playing softball at McMaster every summer for more than five decades. In that time the league has changed and the fields too, but one thing has stayed the same: Summer means Doc is always on the diamond.

Housing found for men facing homelessness from charity closure

Karen Mason, board treasurer for the charity that helps those who have spent time behind bars, says the Salvation Army will give the men with a place to stay when the Bridge closes for four weeks.

Hamilton will look at setting up 'positive space' for LGBTQ community, says mayor

Mayor Fred Eisenberger says a meeting with community leaders representing groups affected by hate in Hamilton Wednesday raised "possible solutions and innovative ideas.

LGBTQ advisory committee to meet with mayor, declines sit down with police

The committee's decisions came down to its mandate. Meeting with the mayor falls under the mandate, the committee determined, meeting with police does not.