Hamilton-made horror series launches in lead-up to Halloween

David Fernandes created Creepy Bits, a six-episode horror series, in the lead up to Halloween.

It's a free, family-friendly, six-episode horror anthology

Creepy Bits is a free, online horror series shot in Hamilton. The six episodes are being released weekly. (Submitted by David Fernandes)

After a glum year-and-a-half around the world, David Fernandes said his friends were looking for something joyful and bright — enter Creepy Bits.

"I just kind of went the opposite way I guess, I just wanted to watch things that were even more intense and more scary than usual," he said.

"It's more of a psychological horror, so they're definitely creepy," Fernandes said.

Without too many spoilers, the series includes an unusual baby monitor, an unsettled flight attendant, abandoned tunnels, an anxious janitor, an interrogation and a clown.

The episodes, all under three minutes, will be released online for free each week, with the last episode coming out on Halloween eve.

Malaika Hennie-Hamadi is seen on an airplane in the second episode of Creepy Bits. It's part of a free, six-episode horror web series shot in Hamilton. (Submitted by David Fernandes)

Fernandes said all of the episodes were shot in Hamilton and even included some local actors.

Four of the six episodes were shot at Digital Canaries Studios. 

"We were also shooting on the old Holy Family school over on Britannia and Kenilworth," Fernandes said.

"We shot it looking like an elementary school, we also used one of the rooms as a hospital ward from the 1930s and we used another room set up as an interrogation room."

The total budget for the series was just $30,000.

Each of the six Creepy Bits episodes are roughly three minutes long. (Submitted by David Fernandes)

So why create horror films in the middle of a glum year?

"You're in safe space when you're watching this stuff and these movies work you up ... but then there's a relief, it's over and you feel at home and you feel safe, unlike the real world that continues on," Fernandes said.

"In some ways for me, making scary movies is a relief from actual life."

The latest episode premieres Friday at 9 p.m. on YouTube and other social media platforms.