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Toronto man survives skydive plunge after parachute tangles

A Toronto man has survived a skydive plunge from high above the Hamilton airport on Thursday after his parachute became tangled, police say.

Psychotherapist/rapper MC FUBB takes on deadly opioid crisis in new song

A registered psychotherapist from Burlington, Ont. is taking on Ontario's opioid crisis with a song calling for more compassion and awareness. Listen to Daniel Farb's new song, Opioid Crisis, as he explains how he thinks we need to change the way we deal with the damage done by these drugs.

The high cost for Ontario high school students of cuts to elective courses: Lawson

Education cuts by Doug Ford's government to elective courses are going to come with very high costs to Ontario students, according to David Lawson, a career educational planning specialist. He spoke with the CBC about why those programs are important.

Close to 2K jobs lost so far, says teacher tracking Ontario education cuts

Ontario's Education Minister Lisa Thompson continues to say not one job will be lost due to class size increases. But a teacher in Brantford, Ont. who has been tracking all of the cuts across the province says the number is closer to 2,000. 

Ford budget priorities are 'booze and branding' while kids will suffer: Horwath

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli and Ontario's Conservative government delivered its first budget yesterday. While some say the budget doesn't have the deep spending cuts that were predicted, that's not the way Andrea Horwath, leader of the N-D-P, Ontario's official opposition sees it.

Why tailgating won't work in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa but might in smaller cities

Just a day after thousands of teachers in Ontario and their supporters protested major cuts to education, the government of Premier Doug Ford had another announcement. Tailgate parties will be legal soon in the province.

Why it's so hard to convince anti-vaxxers to vaccinate their kids

Despite medical evidence in favour of vaccinations, the Ontario Medical Association says more and more parents doubt the science because of misinformation online. Now they're beginning a campaign to correct common myths about vaccines.

How Ontario doctors can get paid more to see you less

Are doctors being paid more to see you less? The new system may be rewarding doctors who discourage their patients from visiting walk-in clinics in off hours instead sending them to crowded emergency rooms.

What we know about how safe cannabis is for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms

While we know a lot about the dangers of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes while pregnant, now that it's legal, what about using cannabis? What do we know about what happens to babies when their moms use pot while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Who will protect animals in Ontario now that the OSPCA won't investigate?

The Ontario Society for the Protection of Animals says it won't investigate suspected cases of animal cruelty any more. Kendra Coulter, chair of the Labour Studies department at Brock University, explains what this means for the care of abused animals in Ontario.

What Karl Subban and Elijah Roberts say about racism in the Ontario Hockey League

Just a few days after an ugly, racist incident at a semi-pro hockey game in Quebec, Matt Cullen of CBC Sports spoke with Karl Subban, father of NHL players P.K. and Malcolm Subban, as well as Elijah Roberts of the Niagara Ice Dogs about racism in the Ontario Hockey League.

What does and doesn't make sense about Ontario's big changes to healthcare: expert

Ontario's new healthcare super agency plan has been tried before, one former deputy health minister says, and 'there is a tendency towards a period of chaos that can last as long as five years.' Dr. Bob Bell spoke with the CBC about what he says is the biggest change to healthcare in 50 years.

Why an NHL goalie coach says Ontario is failing to develop enough great goalies

The Canadian Hockey League has lifted a ban on European goaltenders designed to give more opportunity to Canadian goalies. Matt Cullen of CBC Sports talks about what an NHL goalie coach told him about why that plan failed and why he thinks there aren't enough great Canadian goalies.

The last days of basic income: For those in desperate need, what happens now?

In just a few weeks Ontario's ambitious Basic Income Pilot Project will be over, cancelled by the Doug Ford Conservative government. The last payments go out March 31. For the 4,000 people from Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay who depended on that money to survive, what happens now?

Traded just before high school exams: Is it time to ban trades in junior hockey?

Lleyton Moore, a 16-year-old from Saskatchewan who plays in the Ontario Hockey League, was traded last week from Niagara to Oshawa. Matt Cullen of CBC Sports talks about what it means to trade a young person who wants an NHL career but needs an education.