Thief stole 30 cheesecakes and 1 window from Simcoe food truck

A thief with a serious sweet tooth is making life very difficult for the owners of a Simcoe-based cheesecake food truck.
Police say the Little Cheesecake Company's food truck was broken into over the weekend. (Facebook)

A thief with a serious sweet tooth is making life very difficult for the owners of a Simcoe-based cheesecake food truck.

In the span of just a few days, someone has twice broken into The Little Cheesecake Company's truck (which is affectionately dubbed "big blue") and stolen dozens of mini cheesecakes.

To make matters worse, the culprit even stole one of the truck's windows right out of its frame. As the truck is parked on the property of owners Heather Brewer and Miles Carrick, it's especially disconcerting for them.

"Seeing the second incident was gut wrenching," Brewer told CBC News. She says it has her feeling "like a target."

"The second time was also more violent. The intruder had to break their way out of the truck because we had installed heavy locks that they couldn't get through after the first break in. They had entered through a window, but couldn't get back out it while carrying the cakes," she said.

The first incident happened overnight on Wednesday of last week, while the second happened overnight on Friday.

"It impacts your sleep and comfort level," she said.

The company makes small, individual-sized cheesecakes. (Little Cheesecake Company)

Police are currently investigating the situation. But that's not the only food-truck theft in the area in recent weeks.

Brewer said Indulge Ice Cream, another food truck that is just about 1 km away on Highway 3, has been burglarized three times, with thieves taking waffle cones and ice cream. OPP investigators have confirmed they are also looking into those incidents. It's unclear if they are related.

Brewer said that the local community and customers have rallied around the business in the wake of the break ins.

"The community support has been wonderful, and helps to ease the sting of the violation," she said. The company is still open for business. 


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