Driver of doors open QEW car now facing dangerous driving charges

The driver of a car caught on a widely-shared video heading down the QEW with its doors wide open and something hanging out of the trunk has been charged yet again — this time, for his unorthodox method of hauling.

2nd set of charges laid after break and enter arrest

Police say the driver of this car is now facing more charges. (Submitted by Marko Babic)

The driver of a car caught on a widely-shared video carrying a load down the QEW with its doors wide open and something hanging out of the trunk has been charged again — this time, for his unorthodox method of hauling.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt announced Wednesday that a 42-year-old man is now facing charges of mischief endangering life, careless driving, driving with an insecure load, and driving while under suspension in connection with the incident.

The man will appear in court in June to answer to those charges, Schmidt said in a tweet.

This is the second set of charges facing the driver, who was arrested by Hamilton police last week after the video of his car linked him to a series of break and enters in the city.

In one of those instances, police say, 453-kilograms worth of bulk steel with a value of $3,000 was stolen.

A 42-year-old Hamilton woman is also facing charges in connection with that incident.

Warning: video contains some coarse language.

The original video that brought these people to the attention of police was posted on Facebook two weeks ago, and has since amassed over 300,000 views.

In it, the driver can be seen on the highway near the Red Hill Valley Parkway, heading toward the Burlington Skyway bridge.

In addition to the car's open back doors poking into adjoining lanes, its trunk is also propped open, with what looks like a piece of furniture sticking out.

After CBC News ran that original story, Facebook user Jonathan Sutherland sent in photos of what appears to be the same car, doing the same thing, in the exact same area of the highway — except this time, carrying what looks like a steel beam in the back.


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