Burlington homeowner baited porch pirate using fake package with dirty diaper

A Burlington, Ont., homeowner wanted to catch the package thief in action, so he set up a trap on his doorstep.

Burlington, Ont., homeowner set up bait for a porch parcel thief

Derek Freudenthaler set up a trap and caught a thief stealing a fake package on camera. (Courtesy of Derek Freudenthaler)

A dirty surprise awaited a "porch pirate" who made rounds to steal packages from homeowners' doorsteps in Burlington, Ont., this month — a soiled diaper.

Derek Freudenthaler, who had his package stolen only days before, set up a trap for the thief. He placed his daughter's dirty diaper inside a fake parcel, put the box at an optimal position for his video doorbell and waited for action.

This is a "kind of classic, the old poop-on-a-doorstep type thing," he said. He hopes the video will bring to attention to these types of crimes.

"I consider myself a pretty informed and avid consumer especially online, and we thought we had prepared ourselves and put things in place to prevent this," he said.

It doesn't seem like this type of crime would happen in Burlington, Freudenthaler added. But it can, and it happens very fast.

The video footage shows the thief running onto the porch and taking off with a package in roughly five seconds.

Freudenthaler said he hopes people will see the video and take action to prevent it from happening to them.