Brantford police identify victims of double homicide, release video of gunman

Larry Reynolds and Lynn VanEvery were husband and wife who were shot on their property early Thursday morning

Video shows man with what appears to be a gun in his hand

Brantford double homicide

2 years ago
Brantford double homicide 0:34

Brantford Police Service has released dramatic video related to Thursday's double homicide that shows a man approaching a house at a run with what appears to be a gun in his hand.

The man is dressed all in black and is wearing a balaclava that covers his face. Police confirm that he is the suspected gunman in the double homicide that happened on the property on Park Road South.

And Brantford police have acknowledge they have launched an internal review after a call to its dispatch centre of a suspicious vehicle in the neighbourhood prior to the shooting was not investigated.

A husband and wife, Lynn VanEvery and Larry Reynolds were fatally shot. In the video the gunman runs off screen with his arm up, then reappears a few seconds later, running back to the car before climbing in and driving off.

The two victims were found injured from gunshot wounds at 8 a.m. Patrol officers who responded to a 9-1-1 call were the first on the scene; paramedics then arrived to attend to the victims, but they died at the scene.

VanEvery was 62 and Reynolds was 64. The husband and wife lived on the property. Police would not say if they were found shot inside or outside of the house. 

Brantford police aren't saying what the shooting was related to, or the motive.

They say there are two vehicles that they think are related to the homicide, because they were spotted in the area around the time it happened, and they left immediately after it was over.

This is the black Chrysler that was found by Brantford police, that they believe was involved in the shooting. (Submitted by Brantford Police Service)

One vehicle is a black, four-door Chrysler 300 with blacked out windows and black door handles, with shiny silver chrome trim around the doors, and shiny silver chrome hubs. 

This vehicle was later found by police on Rowanwood Avenue in Brantford. It appears to be the same vehicle shown in the video.

The second vehicle is either grey or black. Seibert says they are still investigating the make and model of this car.

Chief Geoff Nelson says that someone from the neighbourhood did report a suspicious vehicle in the area about 50 minutes before the shooting. Nelson says, the police didn't send anyone to respond to the call.

He says he directed an internal investigation to look at the circumstances around this. Nelson says, the Brantford Police Service relies on tips from the public.

Police are asking anyone who has more information to come forward, or if anyone who was driving in the area between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Thursday with a dash camera in their vehicle, to come forward.

Const. Shane Seibert is the communications officer for the Brantford Police Service (Meagan Deuling)

Seibert said there were other people in the house, aside from the victims, when the shooting happened, but he would not say how many, or how they are related to the victims.

There was no mention of whether or not these other people are cooperating with the investigation. 

Seibert did say that no one else was injured.

Nelson said that police resources are being stretched thin due to the ongoing gun-related investigations.

There have been an unprecedented number of gun-related incidents this year, says Nelson. He says the Brantford police submitted a grant application to the provincial government a month ago, to ask for additional money to investigate gun crime. 

He says they should find out later this summer if they will get any extra money.

Police say this man is a suspect in the double homicide that happened early Thursday morning. (Submitted by Brantford Police Service)

Nelson says that gun crime isn't originating in Brantford, and that investigations into crimes committed by guns aren't local — it is a multi-jurisdictional issue, he says.



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