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Niagara police search the shores of the Welland Canal for missing teen

Niagara police are conducting a search along the Welland Canal shoreline for missing 18-year-old Quintin Bingley.

Hamilton elects largest number of female councillors in city history

In 1931, Ward 1 elected Nora Frances Henderson as the first woman alderman for city council. Eighty-seven years later, women will make up almost half of the newly elected council members - the most in the council’s history.

Chair of the public board Todd White defeated by first time candidate Carole Paikin Miller

Todd White lost his two term Ward 5 seat by 109 votes in a controversial race to newly elected school board trustee, Caroline Paikin Miller.

Man sentenced to life in prison for brutal murder of Hamilton teacher

Shane Shakeshaft, 30, has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 18 years after pleading guilty yesterday to the 2nd-degree murder of 34-year-old Hamilton teacher, Jenna Gazzola. He will get credit for the two years and 182 days he has already served.

U.S. lab says this 7-year-old has Lyme disease — Canadian MDs won't even test him

At only 18-months-old Trent Nimeth’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Now, at 7-years-old, he complains because he feels his brain is on fire.

Islamic History Month aims to 'reduce tensions' and address 'misconceptions': organizer

This year the Muslim Council of Greater Hamilton will host the biggest celebrations they've ever made for Islamic History Month.

"We're not doing a very good job of preventing or responding to sexual assault": expert

In an interview with CBC Hamilton, Johnson says there are things police could do better, and explains how nurses play an important role in helping survivors of sexual assault.

Niagara Falls farmer is growing crops on an old landfill

Twenty years ago, this Niagara Falls land was a dump. Now a local farmer is growing winter wheat there.

Meet the BTS ARMY invading Hamilton this week

Kpop band BTS will play three concerts in Hamilton. Every one is sold out. Every hotel as far as Stoney Creek is booked. Fans came from as far as Mexico.