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Paul Wilson: Late to the party, Hortons finally unveils cup sleeve

No more double-cupping of hot drinks at Hortons. Next week, long after the other chains, Hortons starts using cardboard sleeves.

Paul Wilson: Demolition looms on Hamilton's History Row

James Street Baptist sits proudly on the city's finest stretch of vintage buildings. It's designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, but that may not be enough to save it. In the city council chambers on Wednesday, the developer who bought the church will push for permission to tear most of it down.

Paul Wilson: A Sign Past Its Time – Satan Still Lives on Burlington East

Procter & Gamble's beleagured man-in-the-moon logo has vanished everywhere, except in Hamilton's factory zone.

Paul Wilson: Wreckers ready at City Motor Hotel, but vintage sign spared

The City Motor Hotel is an east-end landmark. It used to be a showplace, Florida style. Then it went downhill, and next week it will be gone... except for one neon-and-sheet-metal memory.

Paul Wilson: Tim Hortons Oakville HQ on the move? Bring it home

There's talk that the Hortons world headquarters, just off the highway in Oakville since the 1970s, will relocate. Shouldn't it be in the place where the doughnut was born?

Paul Wilson: Welcome to Hamilton – payday loan paradise

Yes, we have lots of doughnut shops. Waterfalls too. But payday loan stores are giving these Hamilton landmarks a run for the money.

Paul Wilson: Full speed ahead for demolition on Gore Park

Two buildings from the 1870s will fall fast on the south edge of Gore Park. The idea of saving the facades has run out of time.

Paul Wilson: A Sign Past Its Time – Curly kept Hamilton in hats from the fedora days on

The sign for Curly's Hat & Cap Boutique has been part of the downtown streetscape from the time when every smart man had something on his head. Last week, however, Curly went missing.

Paul Wilson: Wreckers at the ready on the Gore – can we try the Toronto way?

A row of storefronts from the 1800s is under threat on Gore Park. Meanwhile, Toronto is finding ways to save its heritage stock.

Paul Wilson: Ed checks his penny jar and finds $300,000

Ed Agopian has been in the coin business for decades. At his shop in downtown Hamilton, he's just made the biggest find of his career.