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McMaster student Canada's pick for international design competition with 'guided hands' innovation

An innovation that will allow people with limited hand mobility to write, use a touch screen, paint or draw, has earned its creator, a 21-year-old McMaster student, an international design award.

Niagara woman, waiting 16 months for sister's funeral, says it's time to ease border rules

Kathy Wilson's sister died 16 months ago, and she hasn't been able to see her family or attend a memorial for her. She wants border restrictions to ease so she can.

Fugitive slaves, spies and Grace Kelly: Why fire destroying Welland House Hotel is a 'huge loss'

The 168-year-old building that was once the Welland House Hotel in St. Catharines, Ont., has been destroyed by a fire. According to a heritage expert, the building, which was close to being deemed a historic site, was where Black people who escaped slavery in the U.S. found work.

3-year-old Nile monitor lizard named Markhor is lost and may be roaming downtown Hamilton

A juvenile Nile monitor lizard is lost from Little Rays Reptile Zoo and Nature Centre in Hamilton.

Every day border is closed 'another person's life work goes up in smoke:' Niagara business owner

Another summer with the border closed to non-essential travel, Whirlpool Jet Boats owner John Kinney says, could mean be a disaster for him and his business. That's not an argument for opening the border that has the region's medical officer of health convinced.

'Thank you very much. My family needed this. God bless:' St. Catharines community fridge opens

Individuals facing food insecurity in St. Catharines, Ont., have a new opportunity to “take what they need” from a community fridge.

Lowest daily COVID-19 new case numbers since October 2020 in Hamilton

For the first time since October 3 last year, Hamilton has its lowest number of new COVID-19 cases.

55-year-old man dies after crashing a transport truck into a house in Flamborough

The driver was heading south on Highway 6 before his truck sideswiped another vehicle and crashed into a house.